S.E.T. Princess Model II Speakers By Sophia Electric

S.E.T. Princess Model II Speakers By Sophia Electric
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S.E.T. Princess Model II Speakers By Sophia Electric

2-Way Stand Mount Made in Virginia, USA

Price: $4,995 per pair.

Features: Great for 300B amplifier, 845 tube amp or PP KT88/El34 amplifiers.



88 dB


8 ohm flat (easy to drive)

Frequency Range:

38Hz – 30KHz +-3dB

Speaker Size per channel:

Height: 20 inches
Width: 10 inches
Depth: 13 inches

Shipping weight per channel:

50 lbs, 2 boxes for one pair


Modified Scan-speak tweeter and mid-bass drivers

Recommended power:

8 watts to 100 watts

User experience/feedback(received on July 22, 2008):

Richard -

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I am with my EL34 amp and your Sophia Princess Model 2 speakers. I have been a musician for most of my life, with a passion for high-end tube guitar amps, of which I own a good number. But, other than owning a high-end home theater system with an excellent set of speakers, I have been reluctant to enter the world of high-end audio due to a lack of confidence in value for dollar and an overall lack of knowledge of how to acquire quality sound reproduction without breaking the bank. I started reading audiophile reviews of various amps and speakers a few months ago. The reviews of your company and product line are virtually universally positive. So, I gave you a call and bought a couple Sophia Babies from you to get started, using them in a couple different applications. Those are some sweet little amps. Afterward, I purchased an EL34 amp and your Sophia Princess Model 2 speakers. Wow! Value for dollar? Forget about it. What a beautiful match. Just amazing. The sound is superb throughout the entire spectrum - powerful, big, and very articulate. The sweetness of EL34's has always been a favorite of mine in guitar amps, and that special quality comes through magnificently with your amplifier. Your Model 2 speakers are some of the best I have ever heard - detail, clarity, soundstage, with a huge bass floor underneath. I was stunned at the bass. I still cannot believe how complete the sound is, coming from relatively small enclosures.

You have been an exemplary professional to deal with, taking a lot of time to answer my questions and lend your expertise. Many thanks.

As we recently discussed, I will soon be purchasing your KT88 integrated amp to match with your Model 2's. I am going to put the other amps into my home theater system, which should be a remarkable upgrade in its own right. Again, thanks to you for everything.

Randy from Maryland

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