Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a difference between a 30 day warranty and an one-year warranty? Is it just paying for warranty or is there an actual difference in the tubes?

A: There is no actual difference in the tubes. The only difference is the warranty length.

Power Supply Delay Action Board

Q: Does the unit hook up with the 6.3V in/out connection in series with the 6.3VAC from transformer to 5VDC rectifier?

A: Refer to the delay action board, the green wire (6.3V AC) should connect to the 6.3V AC filament of your amplifier. Once you have done it, the board is on. You will see the LED is on.

Q: Does the unit hook up the B+ (DC) from PSU into the delay unit and from there to the 300B?

A: If your amp uses rectifier 5U4, you may consider to use the relay to control the 5u4 5V filament. Before filament warms up, B+ would not apply to the 300Bs.

Q: What kind of voltage and current can it handle?

A: We have used this relay (10A version) in amplifer (550V) without any problem. However, we would recommend you to seek the most efficient way:
1. If you can control the primary (120V AC) instead of secondary (usually high plate DC voltage).
2. You may consider to control the rectifier tube filament. So you would not get turn on jump.

Q: So apparently the board is powered off the 6VAC filament supply, correct?

A: Being powered by 6.3V AC.

Q: Will it run from 6VDC or only the AC?

A: AC only.

Q: Will this board run from 12.6V DC?

A: Yes. You can use this board to run from 12.6V DC by discarding the two diodes and two electrolytic capacitors next to the 6.3V AC input .

Q: I have an extremely (3) modded out Dynaco Mark IV style amps that use solid state rectification so there is no 5 volt filament for the rectifier.

A: Not a problem. You can use the relay between power transformer supply secondary winding.


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