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 300B SE Output Transformers: Sophia Electric vs. Audio Note

Sophia Electric Power Supply Chokes:

  • 6H or 8 H 100ma For 300B/2A3 amplifiers: $48 each (used in Sophia Electric 91-01 amplifiers)
  • 8H or 10H 80ma for 2A3/45 amplifiers $38 each
  • 6H 150ma for 845 amplifiers (tested with 2000V DC), proven good working model used in Sophia Electric 845 amplifiers since 2001

10K plate choke 25ma: $85 each

  • Designed for 5687/5842/6SN7/101D/Princess 206/45 plate choke loading
  • Excellent frequency range and clarity in the sound.

100K Grid choke for Princess 206/300B/2A3: $85 each

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