Sophia Electric 91-05 300B Dual-Mono Stereo Tube Amplifier

Sophia Electric 91-05 300B Dual-Mono Stereo Tube Amplifier
Sophia Electric 91-05 300B Dual-Mono Stereo Tube Amplifier
Sophia Electric 91-05 300B Dual-Mono Stereo Tube Amplifier
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 Sophia Electric 91-01 vs. 91-03 vs. 91-05 300B Single Ended Amplifiers

 User Reviews

Positive Feedback Review: "...The Sophia Electric Model 91-01 300B mono amps are audiophile dream amps, they have great sonics top to bottom, bass articulation that is the best I've heard, and the SE 91-01 nails all of the nerdy audiophile things like soundstaging, imaging, sense of space, and transparency in such a beguiling way that even music lovers that don't give a rat's ass about audiophile-type sonics will appreciate its prowess.

I recommend these amps heartily, and I'd give them my normal 'two thumbs up' endorsement, but that just wouldn't capture what these Sophia Electric Model 91-01 300B mono amps are capable of, so I've invented a new rating, the 'two hard nipples up' recommendation, which is the highest award I've given out to date. ..." -- Jeff Day

Sonic Purity * Super Quietness * Sonic Magic and Musicality 

Sophia Electric's competitive advantages come from superior propriety output transformers and carefully voiced driver circuit module designed by Dr. DWU and Richard Wugang.

1. Sonic Purity: Voice from heaven, anything less pure is pollutive coloration.

2. Super quietness and dynamic range: Totally jet black background that made this 8 watts output sound like thunder when team up with good efficient speakers(Please check out SET Princess model I speakers for modest budget and Princess horn speakers at high end budget).

3. Musicality and Sonic Magic: Without musicality, it would be just cold man-made machine. Sophia Electric amplifiers are proud for superior musicality and sonic magic that would make you listen to your discs again and again.

4. First class resolution: you can hear almost every voice from a grand choir group, not by brightness, but through the intrinsic native resolution power of the great amplifier.

5. Excellent extension on bass and on high frequency: this Sophia Electric single ended 300B amplifier can deliver superior bass extension without losing mid-range magic and high end extension through Sophia Electric in house made output transformers.

Parts Quality

1. High end aluminum alloy Chassis with world class of precision and artistic ascetics.

2. Sophia Electric in-house made transformers are being used to deliver the best possible single ended circuit sonic magic.

3. Proprietary driver circuit potted in an in-house made metal case epoxy potted module.

4. Combinations of variety audiophile brand parts are being used through out.


1. Standard 91-05 model: $12,000 per unit for USA voltage (super quiet version and 91-05 OPTs are included), $1,000 more per unit for non-USA voltage.

2. Signature 91-05 model:  not available for now.

Tube Upgrade

1. Sophia Electric blue glass Grade A 6SN7s (one matched pair): $400 
2. Royal Princess 300Bs (one matched pair): $1,500


Design: 8 watts X 2 output, single ended 300B tube amplifier with zero negative feedback.
OPT Transformers: Sophia Electric designed and in house made 91-05 signature edition output transformers, Potted.
Power transformers: Using the same high end core materials and winding method
Power transformer rating: 250 W
Input Sensitivity: 450 mv
Input Impedance: 100K
Frequency Range: 12 Hz - 35 KHz +/- 3 dB
Residual Noise/Hum: Super Quiet version: 0.9 mv
Standard version: 2.0 mv
Distortion: -0.18% at 1 watts at 1KHz
Weight 60 pounds
AC Power: 120V60Hz (USA)
European/Asia voltage. And Japanese voltage models upon request
Required break in time: 50-100 hours
Warranty: One year parts and labor, Sophia electric brand tubes one year, Non-Sophia Electric tubes 6 month.

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