Sophia Electric 91-01 300B Single Ended Mono-block Amplifiers

Sophia Electric 91-01 300B Single Ended Mono-block Amplifiers
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Sophia Electric 91-01 vs. 91-03 vs. 91-05 300B Single Ended Amplifiers

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Positive Feedback Review: "The Sophia Electric Model 91-01 300B mono amps are audiophile dream amps, they have great sonics top to bottom, bass articulation that is the best I've heard, and the SE 91-01 nails all of the nerdy audiophile things like soundstaging, imaging, sense of space, and transparency in such a beguiling way that even music lovers that don't give a rat's ass about audiophile-type sonics will appreciate its prowess.

I recommend these amps heartily, and I'd give them my normal 'two thumbs up' endorsement, but that just wouldn't capture what these Sophia Electric Model 91-01 300B mono amps are capable of, so I've invented a new rating, the 'two hard nipples up' recommendation, which is the highest award I've given out to date." -- Jeff Day

This is Sophia Electric’s effort to reproduce a vintage legendary design and sound with Sophia Electric characters: different driver tubes and different transformers at different B+ Voltage for a sonic performance and testing specification (wider bandwidth and quieter S/N ratio) more suitable for today’s hi-fi requirement.

This Sophia Electric amplifier was named after the famous Western Electric 91 amplifier. The original WE 91 amplifer used WE310 driver tube that is ultra expensive for what it is and difficult to find today for any meaningful quality production. Sophia Electric designers choose a driver tube to produce similar sonic characters that WE 91 is famous for.

Designed by Dr. DWU and Richard Wugang, father and son, hand-made in Virginia, USA.

Circuit: Single ended 300B amplifier without feedback.

Transformers: Sophia Electric 91-01 OPTs designed by Dr. DWU, made in-house by Sophia Electric.

Price: $5,995 per pair  -- Princess 300B mesh plate tubes, NOS Chinese/Russian 6SN7 and vintage NOS 5Z3PA tubes are included.

$500 additional for European/Asian/Japanese voltage model.

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