Demo quad Sophia Electric EL34-ST tubes

Demo quad Sophia Electric EL34-ST tubes
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For special here is one lightly used demo matched quad (4 matched tubes) Grade A EL34 tubes with 30 days warranty.

User Reviews

Jeff Day's Positive Feedback Online Review: “The Sophia Electric EL34-ST are simply the finest vacuum tubes I've ever had the pleasure to experience in my Leben CS-600 integrated amplifier. They are remarkably musically satisfying, full of emotional impact and excitement, are very refined and articulate, tonally gorgeous, with an effortlessly beautiful and satisfying overall presentation that allowed me to get caught up in the music and forget about everything else.

Highly recommended!”

This patented Sophia Electric coke-bottle EL34-ST (long life version) tube has the richest tonality & the best musicality, a cure for any plain sounding EL34 amplifier. 

Sophia Electric EL34 tube is a direct replacement of vintage Telefunken from Germany, or Mullard from UK. It is a premium upgrade choice for amplifiers currently using Chinese EL34, Russian EL34 tubes or Eastern European EL34 tubes.