User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ 300B Amplifiers

Sophia Electric 91-01 300B amplifier

Received date: October 26, 2015

I wanted to share with you how much I love listening to my beloved 91-01 power amps. I bought these amps 2 years ago from Audiogon. When they arrived, I took some time to set them up in my living room system. My wife and her friend were having a drink and chatting while I carefully put all the tubes in, connected to my other components and played the first record. As soon as music flowed out of the speakers, both my wife and her friend stopped, turned towards the music and just listened for a few seconds. My wife, who is a music lover but not an audiophile, said: these amps sound amazing!!

Coupled with my Linn Sondek, DeHaviLeland Ultra Verve tube preamp and Olive 06-HD music server, the Sophia Electrics reproduce magical mid and lower frequency, absolutely shimmering and airy highs and all in an engaging and musical soundstage that takes my breath away every time I fire up my system.

Thank you for making such outstanding products and for your excellent service. Feel free to use this feedback in any way you like and if any of your customers in the Bay Area are interested to audition these beauties before making the commitment, my door is always open!



Sophia Electric 91-03 300B amplifier

Received date: February 13, 2015

The 91-03-300B arrived safe and sound. So far the sound is very nice indeed. I have put about only 20 hours on the unit and expect it to sound even better after the break in period.

My best description would be to say that it has all the magic and quality of the finest 300B amplifiers and the best qualities of a good solid state all wrapped up into one.

I have had several 300B amplifiers but none of them has the base definition or control of the 91-03-300B.

Richard's transformer recipe certainly has provided a 300B amp that sounds delicate yet has a very detail and tuneful bass line.

I would not say that the bass of the 91-03-300B beats my Ayre V-5Xe amplifier but it is every bit as tuneful. In the end the Ayre has better control in the bass but the 91-03-300B has the best bass control compared to several 300B amplifiers that I have had in my system.

I have tried the 91-03-300B with and without my Jadis JPS 2 Pre-Amp. I have to say that the Pre-Amp of the 91-03-300B is excellent in itself and the Jadis (pre-amp) is only marginally better by adding its own flavor to the sound. Since the Jadis JPS2 Pre-Amp alone cost much more than the 91-03-300B Integrated… I certainly feel that the 91-03-300B is truly a bargain.

Ray, New York

Sophia Electric 91-01 300B amplifier

Received date: July 9, 2014

Dear Sue of Sophia Electric:

I am rediscovering my music collection with my new Sophia Electric 91-01 amplifiers.

Rewind a few years back. Based, in part, upon Arthur Salvatore’s recommendation, I purchased a pair of CST Frankensteins II 300B amplifiers. Later on I purchased a pair of CST Pure Reference speakers.

After reading reviews, I tried the Full Music carbon plate 300Bs. One of them died prematurely within a few months. Later on, I tried the KR tubes, again trying to extend the curve. One of them died prematurely within a week. Fortunately, I got my money back. Finally, I ordered the Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B tubes. For a few days I experienced an enhanced curve I had thought unattainable with a 300B power tube. After a few days (less than a week to my recollection) of listening (I say days as I am retired and actually listen to music most of the day), the same side had a “fireworks” of failure. Again prematurely. I spoke to Sue at Sophia and explained what happened. Without hesitation, she sent a new pair after I explained to her that I would have an audio tech look at it. The technician found nothing wrong with the CST amps. I even called the designer of the CST amps who said “You can use any tube you want”. This was after I related to him what happened. I quickly lost faith in these CST Frankensteins amps. The CST speakers though are still going strong.

Based in part on Jeff Day’s review which I read and re-read, I purchased the Sophia Electric 91-01 300B amplifiers. I got them about a week later. That was about two weeks ago. And now, I am re-discovering my music collection! I hear sounds at the “outside ends” of the listening curve that I never knew were recorded on the medium. Wow! Congratulations Sophia Electric! You have made a believer from me. The down side, of course, is that you can tell very easily when a recording has been badly made.

The 91-01 amps put out about 8 watts per side. Of course, if you are looking for what I call “megawatts” amplifier, do not look here. So you need speakers that are of “easy to drive” if not rated “high efficiency”. Parenthetically, after the CST “killed” three 300B tubes, I used my “spare” amplifier, producing two watts per side, and my speakers had no problem whatsoever. I guess the end result is “if the first watt sucks, why keep going” as the manufacturer of that two watts per channel amplifier said.

You may notice that I do not use technical terms anywhere in what I wrote. The answer is simple. I do not know the meaning of these technical terms. I do not write about something I know nothing about. But I do know about music. When I was working and could afford it, I went to a lot of concerts of “live” music. And to me, that is the only way to learn about music.

If you want to hear all of your music (from a recorded media), you cannot go wrong with Sophia Electric.


Sophia Electric 91-01 300B amplifier

Received date: May 16, 2014

Greetings from Wisconsin,

Richard, I want to tell you how pleased I am with the purchase of the Sophia 91-01 300B mono-blocks. First, a little history: I have been in this Hi End Audio for about 30 years and have heard and bought many different brands of equipment. When I say equipment, I am saying reputable brands and expensive equipment. Of which I will not name, because I know everybody is trying to make a living.

Richard, when I put on my first LP for listening. I was a loss for words I have never heard any equipment sound that pure. Wow, in the past when I tried new equipment out, I would keep putting on different LP's to hear what they would sound like. But when I listened to my first LP on the Sophia Electric 91-01 300B mono-blocks, I just did not want to take the LP off . I had to keep on listening. The sound would just draw me into the music. From the very bottom to the very top of the audio spectrum, everything I heard was vividly clear, and very natural. To be honest with you, Richard, I did not expect this. All I can say is “Thank You” for all the hard work and research that you and your company have put in. Your work of art is truly appreciated. Thank you again.

Leonard W.

Sophia Electric 91-03 300B Stereo amplifier

Received date: May 20, 2013

Dear Sophia Electric,

I love the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B amplifier. It's a long-term keeper. It has such a quiet floor and refinement, creating the most noticeable upgrade over the 91-01 300B mono-block amplifiers. All the midrange bloom I wanted from a SET amp, but otherwise neutral clear and nicely detailed. (I'm using Sophia 6NS7's and Western Electric 300Bs from 1999). Sounds plenty powerful with my 93dB Coincident Triumph speakers. My highest recommendation at its price range.

Peter H., Connecticut

Sophia Electric 91-05 300B Stereo amplifier

Received date: May 16, 2013

I have been listening Sophia Electric 91-05 300B amp for several weeks now. I am truly amazed with the quality of the sound. Also I have to mention the friendly and caring customer support starting all the way from top of the organization!

Ozan, Indiana

Sophia Electric 91-01 300B amplifier vs. Reimyo PAT 777 amplifier

Received date: November 19, 2012

Dear Sophia Electric,

Well I've now got almost 100 hours on the amps and they're starting to bloom!

Initially I found the sound to be a bit etched and closed in. This morning they're starting to open up although the raw brightness is still there. It appears as though time will help them settle down. They in spite of their 8 watts make the whole system sound louder than my previous Reimyo PAT 777 at $24,000.00. The Reimyo is arguably one of the best 300B amplifiers available today. It is however very costly and out of reach for the majority of audio enthusiasts. The Sophia Electric 91-01 is in the same league at a fraction of the cost.

The Sophia has IMO more musicality and is emotionally more involving than the Reimyo. It’s also quieter. I can only imagine what your more expensive amplifiers must sound like.

I'm using the Royal Princess tubes which had very few hours on them as well as the 6sn7s you sold me a few weeks ago. I bought the second set for my older ASL 845 amps and they work well on them too. My favourite vintage 6sn7 was the RCA till I got these tubes. Sophia Electric's bass is incredible. At this point a bit hifi sounding but I know that will change over time. I'll save a few pennies for your 845 amps early next year. Interestingly the 91-01 has as much bass as the ASL 845 at 22 watts. I'm running a pair of Tannoy Canterberrys which are 96DB efficient.


Received date: April 28, 2011

I've been listening to the Sophia Electric 91-03 300B amplifier on a variety of systems and the results have been very positive.

On the Avantgarde Duo Omega G2's the sound is mellower than I'm used to; but that suits some people who prefer more mellow sound, so it is good for me to have this option with the Avantgardes. I've also had excellent results with Voxativ Ampeggio's and Rethm Saadhana's.

What has surprised me the most is that I'm currently using them with Podium .5's and getting just about the best results I've ever had from those speakers. Theoretically they need a minimum of 25wpc. The Sophia is doing just fine with them though.

Thanks. I will be sure to recommend your amps to my customers.

Best regards,


Sound Galleries, Monaco

11 rue de la Turbie,


Tel: +377 97983260
Fax: +377 97983261
Portable: +377 (0)607933912

Received date: March 18, 2011

Dear Sophia Electric,

After two weeks of playing your 91-03 300B integrated amp with different speakers (from 88 dbs to 99 dbs), I am sure it is one of the best soundings valves integrated in the market: it is more dynamic and more powerful that its numbers suggest and the construction is quite sturdy and well made. So I will promote your brand in my country as hard as I can.

Very soon, I will email you again to place an order for a KT88 or EL34, the baby amp and some valves (300B, 2A3 and double triodes) and will include all your info in my new website called "LIVE SOUND" dedicated only to valves, efficient speakers, and analog systems.

My congratulations for an excellent work and I look forward to collaborating with you for may years to come.

Toni Piquer from Spain


From Jeff Day's Blog

Jonathan says:
February 17, 2011 at 8:45 pm


I just thought I’d share that my Sophia Electric 300B’s arrived Tuesday and I FINALLY got them into the system earlier tonight. To my surprise, these little amps more than adequately power my Zu Essence (97db @ 12 Ohms). So far in the listening experience what jumps out the most is the presence of detail in the lower registry. The bass is beautiful, and surprisingly more pronounced. In fact, I may need to play around with moving the speakers to more effectively tweak the system sound, as I had moved them closer to walls to improve the bass response with my Pass Labs amp.

Still, I think I’m marveling most at the amp’s powering of the Zu. I have the Leben RS100U, and right now I’m spinning Poetic Champions by Van the Man at just 3 notch turns, and the volume is MORE than adequate. the sound is simply splendid.

Finally, before I forget, the tubes have REALLY transformed that ribbon tweeter in the Zu Essence. Couple these amps with the new Koetsu Vermillion, and we’re talking about some really wonderful music playing!

Thanks for sharing about these little jewels!

Reply Jeff says:
February 19, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Hey Jonathan,

Congrats on the new Sophias! I figured they’d do fine powering the Zu speakers, but it’s nice to hear that you’ve got power to spare. The bass detail and clarity of Sophias really impresses me too.

Very cool all the way around!



Reply andre says:
February 20, 2011 at 2:58 pm
thought I would add a few comments as a newly minted owner of the Sophia Electric 300b’s.
Like Jonathan, I too am using them with 97db speakers (Ocellia Kedros with PHY-HP coaxials).
My thoughts on these amps are exactly in line with Jonathan’s comments above. going from 200w SS Crimson amps to borrowing a friends AirTight 70w kt88 amp, these little 300b’s are simply amazing! Still trying to grasp how those 8watts can drive these PHY-HP with such authority and finesse!!! the sound is just beautiful





Received date: January 25, 2011

Bonsoir, je suis un audiophile Francais, j'aieu la chance d'avoir fait l'acquisition d'un ampli Sophia electric prime abord se qui surprend c'est son poids 27 kilogrammes...un design sobre et en mème temps élé musicalité est renversante...une présence inouie et la précision de la restitution nous fait flirter avec la réalité l'ai associé à deux enceintes d'exceptions...deux fostex 208 montant à 98 db associés à deux rubans Ess débitants 97 tous cela dans un labyrinth de bois spécialement concu en allemagne par pjn Audio...le résultat est sidérant...on a des enceintes 3D. Je remercie tout particulierement les deux fondateurs de Sophia Electric pour avoir réalisés des Ampli a tubes Extra-Ordinaires...

José-Pierre de Saint-Witz France

Received date: April 28, 2010

I have nothing but positive experiences with Sophia Electric equipment, and the 91-01 300B amplifiers are astonishingly good, and very, very quiet. Neither my wife (who has heard MANY SET amps) nor I expected the extremely open sound and clarity of these amplifiers. Through the Lowthers, which are very revealing, the transient 'snap' and sense of weight produced by the 91-01 seemed more in the range of 25 watts or more.

Erik, Texas

Received date: April 27, 2010

I auditioned many different amplifiers before purchasing a Sophia Electric amplifier for use with my Avantgarde Trios. I am using the Princess 206 output tube which has provided a more focused image, further refined the critical midrange and just seems to do everything right. Equally important is the excellent product support from the folks at Sophia Electric. While I have had no problems with my Sophia Electric amplifier it is good to know the folks who answer the telephone can trouble shoot and give reliable answers to the inevitable questions that arise with any high end product. Well done!

Lance Lubach