User Feedback for Sophia Electric™ KT88 Stereo Amplifier By Randy, Maryland

Richard -

I picked up my new Sophia Electric KT-88 amp from you last week. It replaces the Sophia Electric EL34 amp, matched with your S.E.T. Princess Model 2 speakers, as my primary listening room setup. I previously provided you very positive feedback on the EL34 and S.E.T. Princess Speakers Model 2's combination.

Although the KT88 amp is new and yet to be broken in fully, I want to provide you some immediate impressions.

Right out of the box, the visual impact is one of majestic elegance. Fit and finish are impeccable - an object d'arte.

First few days of listening through your KT88 and Model 2's:

As pleased as I am with your EL34 amp, which has performs well beyond its price range, the KT88 exceeds all my expectations. Soundstage, transparency, and response provide an emotive listening experience that I have heretofore only read about in audiophile commentary on a few select, high-end amplifiers. 3-D imaging, particularly in acoustic and jazz recordings, is as close to live presentation as I have ever heard. Crystalline transparency combines with articulate mids and tight, deep bass. Complex overtones and harmonics are revealed in well recorded acoustic music, allowing the beauty of the music to captivate the listener with aural highlights I am sure most other amplifiers never approach. Presentation is one of tonal purity and a total lack of colorization. It is effortless for the listener to isolate and focus on a particular musician within the soundstage, while the music washes over you.
I am thrilled with this amp. And, I know it will continue to reveal its capabilities as it fully breaks in. I am confident you have created a tour de force in KT88 technology.

Randy in Maryland

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