User Experiences on Sophia Electric KT88 tubes

Dear Sue, ...and every one of Sophia Electric, Inc.

I received the Sophia Electric KT88-ST Quad Matched via UPS in Tokyo 5 days after placing the order. Thank you for the perfect packaging!

It's been about two hours since I started listening, and I feel that the tone has become somewhat RICH. Let's be a little more specific. My listening environment is close range, about 7 feet away from B&W's inexpensive Tallboy speakers, and I get the feeling that the sound remains three-dimensional while preserving a beautiful image of the sound before it reaches my ears from the speakers. I feel somewhere between the amp and the speakers, the sound spreads gracefully and unleashes into the room without losing its grace. I hope you can get an idea from such a clumsy explanation.

So far, the KT88 gave me the impression of a relatively dry-sounding tube. Some vintage vacuum tubes add power and pleasant distortion (overtones) to the sound, but using the Sophia Electric KT88-ST makes me want to listen to classical music that I rarely listen to. (btw, I usually listen to rhythm & blues, soul, jazz, and rock.)

Listening to classical music is an unusual activity for me, it feels like sitting in a music hall and enjoying the whole atmosphere. It makes me want to move my head finely to catch the rhythm and snap my fingers with an ensemble of instruments, then finally give the performers a round of applause.

Yes, it's exactly "I am listening more to music than the sound." (I've been loving portable audio for a long time, and I've discussed this issue many times with friends over coffee).

Thank you very much for your great products. May your products continue to be loved by music lovers all over the world!

Sincerely Yours,

K. Kawaguchi from Japan


I received the Sophia Electric tubes arrived yesterday in the mail and I got them installed last night and I have to say they blew me away with how much the sound changed and improved.

At first I was reluctant to spend that kind of money on tubes thinking, and honestly, if they looked like a typical KT88 tube I probably would never of splurged on them.

I can honestly say that even though the tubes cost me 2K they have already paid for themselves as these tubes have taken my Bob Carver amps up to a level that I would have to spend over 20k to get better amps.

The sound is more precise and you can hear so much more information being extracted from the vinyl. Even my wife noticed the difference. I could go into more fancy terms like micro and macro details, 3D sound stage, yadda yadda yadda. All I can say is my ears love the Sophia Sound that my system now has!

Thanks Again

Hello Sophia Electric

I have an update of my review from March 2019 on the EL34's. The EL34's are a beautiful sounding tube. The best sounding EL34 I have tried. I now have had the pleasure to listen to your KT88's in my Aric Audio amplifier. Fantastic is all I can say. The KT88's bring the level of music up quite a bit. The highs,mids and lows are better. Don't get me wrong your EL34's are sweet but the 88's bring more to the table. I have tried EAT, Gold Lions, Shuguang, Psvane, EH and Northern Electric. The Sophia's to me and my ears just do it all just right. After 50 hrs. they continue to sound better and better. Thanks again.


 Dear Sue and Richard:

I am writing to inform you how delighted I am with the sound of your KT-88 Coke Bottle power tubes in my VAC amplifier. I have tried many varieties of KT-88s and many are quite competitive in excellent extension and detail. What makes the Sophia stand out is their musically natural presentation. This is the result of their even and seamless response throughout the frequency spectrum, with nothing diverting my attention from the music and the artist. I highly recommend your KT88's to all audiophiles seeking a life-like natural presentation. Thank you for your wonderful products and customer service...outstanding!

Alan H.
Bradenton FL

 Dear audiophile friends,

Sophia Electric tubes are my best choice after comparing with all new product tubes on market today, especially on KT88 tubes I bought. After 35 hours burning-in, they sound incredible. I also bought the 12ax7 (driver tube). They totally changed the sound of my system (new McIntosh 275 mark 6). I'm very happy with Sophia tubes.

Richard, Colorado

 Just want to thank you for super service seldom seen…

Tubes in five days in my set playing and burning in, truly great.

And the early sound is so delicate and detailed, full of air I hardly can believe it is the same set of McIntosh 75 monos I have. KT88s are definitely redefined by you.


Kai, Finland