User Experiences for Sophia Electric Blue Glass 5U4 Rectifier Tubes

Hello Richard,

I'm sending this note to say how pleased I am with the pair of Sophia 5U4 tubes that I bought from you. Now that I have about ten hours of playing time on them, I'm confident in saying that they are exactly what I was hoping for. 

The Sophia blue glass 5U4G tubes are now in my Cary SLI-80 integrated amp (featuring all factory upgrades.) They replace nos RCA 5U4G rectifier tubes. 

When I need additional tubes, I will think of Sophia first.

Thank you.

John, Rhode Island

The recent 5U4G rectifier tube I purchased arrived in excellent condition. Thank you! I'm using it it in the power stage of my Woo Audio headphone amp, and out of the box it sounds truly amazing. I've lost count honestly (I think around a dozen), but this is one of many tubes I've purchased from you with no regrets. Currently, I have a quad of Sophia Electric EL 34s in my tube amp, your rectifier tubes in my preamp and headphone amp, and a 6SN7 in the preamp. I also have the incredible Magik Box.

Greg, New York