Sophia Electric 91-01 300B Tube Amplifier Specification

Design: 9 watts output single ended 300b amplifier per mono-block with no negative feedback.
OPT Transformers: Sophia Electric designed and in house made output transformers featuring mixed vintage (WE) core and modern high tech core for sound and ultra specifications. Pure OFC copper wires are being used. Potted.
Power transformers: Using the same high end core materials and winding method, one 220W power transformer per channel for AC consumption of 75w per channel x 2.
Input Sensitivity: 500 mv
Input Impedance: 200K
Frequency Range: 12 Hz – 35 KHz +/- 3 dB
Residual Noise/Hum: Super Quiet version ($1,000 extra): 0.9 mv
Standard version: 2.0 mv
Distortion: -0.18% at 1 watts at 1KHz
Weight 35 pounds per channel
AC Power: 120V60Hz (USA)
European/Asia voltage. And Japanese voltage models upon request
Required break in time: 50-100 hours
Warranty: One year parts and labor, Sophia electric brand tubes one year, Non-Sophia Electric tubes 6 month.

Above information is subject to change without further notices.

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