User Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Princess Carbon 300B 2.5V Tubes By Robbie from Norway

Just to let you know, the Princess Carbon 300B 2.5V tubes arrived safely in Norway, perfect condition. I am very happy so far. As you predicted, rich and full mid-range, extending into a nice, tight bass. Also there was much better detail and even so dynamics. But the most unexpected effect was a much improved soundstage. My Klipschorns speakers are placed quite far apart, and due to the geometry of my listening room, there was a tendency to "a hole in the middle". With your tubes this has now disappeared. There is a homogeneous wall of sound in front of me, but with an accurate positioning of the instruments. This was a surprise, and when I think of it, this is the most valuable benefit of your tubes, although not what I was after in the first place. So I got midrange, I got bass, got micro- and macro dynamics, got better detail, and as a huge bonus, a splendid soundstage. I strongly recommend your tubes.

Equipment: 2A3 Audio Note Neiro amplifier & 60th anniversary Klipschorns



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