User Feedback for Sophia Electric 2A3 Mesh Plate Tubes By Mr. Leitch

Dear Sue:

Wow! These 2A3 Globe tubes are really nice right out of the box! Although I only have a few hours on them, they sound wonderful. They have a very natural and coherent presentation, are beautifully extended (bass and treble), and excel at communicating the passion inherent in the music played through them. They do the "visuals" well too: the soundstage is both deep and wide, yet with realistically located and realistically sized instruments. Resolution is excellent and the rendering of harmonic detail is superb. It is amazing to realize that these tubes likely will get even better as they break in! I congratulate you on creating such a fine product.


Pat Leitch

Note: The amp used with these tubes was the Moth Audio 2A3si. Other 2A3 tubes I am familiar with in this amp include NOS RCA black plates (1942), NOS RCA black plates (1947), NOS Ken-Rad (1950), NOS Sylvania black plates (1948), AVVT cobalt Mesh plates, Sovtek monoplate, and a couple others.

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