User Feedback for Sophia Electric 300B 2.5V Mesh Plate Tubes By Dan from New York


It was a great pleasure to meet you at this year's NYNoise exhibition, but an even greater pleasure to have experienced your\rmesh plate 2.5V 300B tubes!! I am using them in my homemade 845 push-pull amplifiers. I used 2A3's (sovtek's) in the driver stage previously and, despite the fact that the operating point I use for the 2A3's is not optimized for a 300B, the improvement to the amplifier was absolutely stunning!! I'm not much for audiophile technobabble nor reviewer hyperbole, but quite simply, everything got larger, richer and more true to life...........everything that anyone values in their audio gear got better, and this using them only in the driver stage!!! I can only imagine how wonderful they would sound as output tubes in a Single-ended 2A3 amplifier........wait a sec.........I've BUILT a single-ended 2A3 amplifier!!! Gotta go now, I gotta fish out my SE 2A3 amp and my super sensitive speakers and try these bad boys out in it..........while I'm running them, perhaps I'll get around t adjusting the operating point of my monster amps for a 'more appropriate' 300B like voltage (300-330V) and see how they'll do in a more optimized environment.

In short, your tubes, although pricey, deliver a tremendous improvement Over any other 2A3's I've had experience with. As you know, I've already recommended them and caused further sales of them to other friends using 2A3 and 300B amps.............may your success continue, you deserve it.

PS When are you going to get your guys to build you a mesh plate 845:-() !!!!! When you do, put me first on your list for 4 of'em.............




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