Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B vs. Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z

Dear Sue,

I will be happy to give you my opinion about the differences between the Shuguang Treasure 300b and Sophia Royal Princess 300b in my system. (My system consists of Zu Definition MK4 speakers, a custom made Ancient Audio Integra 300b SET amplifier, and an Ancient Audio Lektor Prime cdp that has a built-in pre-amplifier. The amplifier came with the Shuguang Treasure 300b tubes installed when I received it 18 months ago.) Basically, the Royal Princess 300Bs have a sweet, liquid, refined, and musical sound that is simply not present with the Shuguang Treasures. . . while at the same time not sacrificing anything in terms of sonics - bass and treble extension, detail, spatial presentation, etc. There is simply no comparison.

Gary, Washington, D.C.

Hello Sue,

I’ve got more than 100 hours on this Royal Princess 300B tube now and my first impression was correct, this Princess is definitely a royalty. I have used Shuguang treasure 300B-Z and Full Music 300B/n. But also auditioned AVVT 300B, KR 300B. The first thing I instantly noticed with the Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B was the improvement in the bass. It has more weight, details and is very deep and controlled. She has less "traditional" 300B midrange; it is still there but doesn’t dominate the spectrum nearly as much. As a result the voices appear much more natural to me. Similar to the low end, the highs are also very extended and detailed. I can say a lot more but I think I covered the most drastic changes. Everyone should hear this tube!!!


Arman, Netherland

Dear Mr. Krol,

I have been listening to my new Royal Princess 300B Tubes for more than one hundred hours now – comparing them from time to time with the previously used high end “SHUGUANG 50 Years Treasures”. The difference is amazing and seems to be still growing: More detail, more smoothness… They just sound more natural. Excellent tubes!

Kind regards,

Albrecht Heise, Germany

I am currently using the new Sophia Royal Princess 300B tubes in my Woo Audio WA5LE. Wow, what a tube. I have compared it to WE, Sophia Mesh, Sophia Carbonplate, Shuguang Treasure, and EML Mesh. It tops all of them. Yes, it is pricey. I think it is the best currently available.

By Rgurney