User Listening Impression on Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B Tubes

Good Morning Sue:

Hope you are well on this dreary day. Well I have made a decision about the 300b tubes. Yes you were right. The Royal Princess 300B is superior to the Princess Mesh. When I listened to the Princess Mesh tubes I thought they were wonderful and I thought I could be very happy with them. I was so happy that I wasn't even going to listen to the Royal Princess tubes. Why go there if I was already very happy with the Princess Mesh and they were less expensive. But my curiosity got the better of me and I put the Royal Princess tubes in. WOW! They were superior in every respect. Dead quiet, more dynamic and more revealing of inner detail but retaining that warm and realistic presentation.

The bottom line is, I could live contentedly with the Princess Mesh tubes but I cannot live without the Royal Princess tubes.

Thanks Sue for your great service and thank Richard for these truly wonderful 300B tubes.

Jim, Washington, D.C.

Dear Sophia Electric,

I am writing to let you know how thrilled I am to be the owner of the Royal Princess 300B. Once I rolled them into my Yaqin 300C SET, immediately I was thrown into a new era of musical realism and stereoism. Vocals from Norah Jones and Diana Krall are like actual presence in my room, and the dimensions of the musical stage for classical music is so broad and high beyond my previous experience. I also owned a pair of Sophia Electric Mesh Plate 300B, I thought their sound was excellent, but this Royal Princess is simply a royal league of her own, simply perfect.

Thank you, Sophia Electric, for perfecting my SET tube amp and 105dB horn speaker audio system.


Ontario, Canada

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B with Cary 300B amplifier

Dear Sue:

I got the RP 300Bs safely! Thank you!

I don't know where to begin, honestly I was kind of skeptical about all the reviews about RP 300B tubes first, but after 3-days of listening I'm shocked how these RP 300Bs transformed my Cary amp to another level ! I never had a chance to listen NOS WE 300, but I seriously doubt that it's better than RP. I wanted to thank Mr. Richard for these wonderful RP 300B tubes he created and not to mentioned 6SN7 as well! I have been tried to set up my ultimate sound from my gears for last 2 years and I think I put the last puzzle! I don't know whether I could get any better anymore! Thank you once again!

Jae Kim

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B with Wavelength Duetto 300B amplifier

After many hours of listening, to my ears, the Royal Princess 300B tubes (RPs) bettered my Western Electrics (circa 1997 S# 219032 & 219004) in several ways. RPs has deep and big sound stage, in this respect, WEs sounded more laid back and slightly veiled. The RPs also covered the highs and lows better than my WEs. I do not mean to imply that the WEs are bloated in the middle just that they sounded a little rolled off on both ends compared to the RPs.

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Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B with Cary SEI 300B amplifier

Dear Richard,

It has been about a month since I installed the Royal Princess 300B in my Cary 300 SEI amplifier, and about a week for the Sophia Electric grade A 6SN7.

The more I listen, the more I have enjoyed such a perfect match of Royal Princess (300B) with my Cary amplifier. The Royal has more vivid sound. The level of detail is amazing. The highs is smooth, the bass is deep and tight, not to mention the mid range magic. The soundstage is just amazingly big, it is so deep and wide (far beyond my speakers) that\ryou can walk through the music-scape.

I can pin-point to each musician when listen to Jazz. When listen to classical music, the beauty and articulation just flows into my listening room.

I revisited my old 300B tubes and 6SN7 tubes to see if I can hear the difference. I can tell you the difference is not small. I feel like as if I have owned a different amplifier by just upgrading to the Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B and 6SN7 tubes.

I would like to thank you for such excellent work of art for music lovers.

Kind regards,

from Venezuela

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B
vs KR 300B
vs. Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z
vs. Full Music 300B SE
vs. Western Electric year 1941 vintage WE 300B tubes

I am running the royal princess 300b tube for a few months now, after comparison with all the higher end 300b tubes made today and yesterday such as the KR300b, Shuguang 300B-Z, Full Music 300B SE and finally a pair of 1941 WE 300b.

I can conclude that the Royal Princess beats them all and strikes the best balance between midrange warmth, high frequency details, and low frequency grunt. This is a modern total re-engineered and modern production 300b tube that keeps the magical mids of the Western Electric 300B's yet infuses top end sparkle and low end grunt of the much leaner 300B-Z's I once favored.

I was very skeptical in the beginning but it did not take long to realize its potential.

Great masterpiece! Am done searching for a better 300b tube!

Dixon of Indonesia

Royal Princess 300B in Border Patrol S10 300B amplifier

Richard and Sue:

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the Royal Princess 300B tubes are performing.

First of all I have a horn system with 107DB efficiency so every bit of nuance and tone comes through. These are currently installed in a Border Patrol S10 amplifier with EXD upgrade and we all know different amps will make a difference in the level of performance so I only describing what they do for me.

Outside of the fact these have great bass control and weight what strikes me even more is how smooth and refined they are from top to bottom. The top end is so sweet and smooth they make you realize how fuzzy, grainy, and edgy some of the other 300B tubes I have tried can be. These always seem to maintain control of complex music.

Since the background is so black on these you tend to be able to hear a much better defined holographic soundstage that allows you to depict the individual performance. I also agree in other reports the soundstage is very large both in width and especially depth so they are fun to listen to and they draw you into the music at a greater level. I would describe them as very relaxed in presentation and more mid-hall with my amp and nothing is forced upon you ….they always play musically.

Last I would like to add that on my system they seem to be able to create great resolution in a musically natural way…..they are not elevated in the upper midrange to achieve this as they remain very tonally rich balanced. I am not sure if I have ever experienced this but it seems just right.

This is one great performer and I am glad I have discovered them.

Thanks again,

Gary, Nevada

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B vs. Shuguang Treasure 300B-Z

Dear Sue,

I will be happy to give you my opinion about the differences between the Shuguang Treasure 300b and Sophia Royal Princess 300b in my system. (My system consists of Zu Definition MK4 speakers, a custom made Ancient Audio Integra 300b SET amplifier, and an Ancient Audio Lektor Prime cdp that has a built-in pre-amplifier. The amplifier came with the Shuguang Treasure 300b tubes installed when I received it 18 months ago.) Basically, the Royal Princess 300Bs have a sweet, liquid, refined, and musical sound that is simply not present with the Shuguang Treasures. . . while at the same time not sacrificing anything in terms of sonics - bass and treble extension, detail, spatial presentation, etc. There is simply no comparison.

Gary, Washington, D.C.

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B 
vs. Carbon Princess 300B 
vs. Full Music SE 300B
vs. Western Electric 1960 vintage WE 300B tubes

My Hifi friends and I did a listening comparison tests recently with the following tubes we have:

1. Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B tubes 
2. Sophia Electric Carbon plate Princess 300B tubes 
3. Fullmusic SE 300B tubes 
4. The 1960's vintage Western Electric 300B tubes 

From what my Hifi club friends and I have heard, the Royal Princess 300B tops all other tubes from bass to highs in all ranges.

The owner of the 60'sWE is still not very happy about the audition results & asking me to do another comparison again. He paid quite a lot for his vintage WE 300B. We are going to do it again, most probably this weekend.

From Malaysia

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B vs. new Western Electric 300B tubes

Dear Richard,

It was not too long after my last e-mail that the Royal Princess 300Bs settled down. The sound is simply gorgeous. I have not heard a 300B sound so good. I have heard many 300Bs including the new Western Electric but nothing comes close including the Sophia mesh plate and the carbon plate. The carbon plate does have a stronger resemblance but that is it.

The first thing that impresses me is the enormous sound stage -- very wide, high and deep. There are no boundary limitations. The size depends on the recording. Within this huge space instruments and performers are placed with lot of dark space between them. No sense of crowding or congestion no matter how busy the stage or loud the music.

Now for the sound: In one word, exquisite. Sweet like the real thing without being overly 300B sweet. Neither does it have that touch of slight bleached sound that even the best of solid state amps have. The illusion of the performers and instrument being in your room is nothing unusual for this tube. To clearly hear the individual characteristics of massed voices is fascinating. The soft barely perceptible intake of breath, the soft T and S sounds are totally believable. The illusion of the movements of lips as words are formed is exceptional. In view of the aforementioned you can imagine the tremendous amount of inner detail available.

As for the much talked about in fact terribly overused terms macro and micro dynamics let me just say that the sound is so believable that exceptional dynamic performance can be taken for granted.

How well these tubes perform in a given piece of equipment will depend entirely on that equipment. They certainly will bring out the best but how good that best is will depend entirely on that equipment.

Sincerely, Oliver

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B 
vs. KR 300B 
vs. AVVT 300B
vs. Full Music 300B/n 
vs. Shuguang treasure 300B-Z

Hello Sue,

I’ve got more than 100 hours on this Royal Princess 300B tube now and my first impression was correct, this Princess is definitely a royalty. I have used Shuguang treasure 300B-Z and Full Music 300B/n. But also auditioned AVVT 300B, KR 300B. The first thing I instantly noticed with the Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B was the improvement in the bass. It has more weight, details and is very deep and controlled. She has less "traditional" 300B midrange; it is still there but doesn’t dominate the spectrum nearly as much. As a result the voices appear much more natural to me. Similar to the low end, the highs are also very extended and detailed. I can say a lot more but I think I covered the most drastic changes. Everyone should hear this tube!!!


Arman, Netherland

Sophia Electric Royal Princess 300B vs. SHUGUANG 50 Years Treasures 300B tubes

Dear Mr. Krol,

I have been listening to my new Royal Princess 300B Tubes for more than one hundred hours now – comparing them from time to time with the previously used high end “SHUGUANG 50 Years Treasures”. The difference is amazing and seems to be still growing: More detail, more smoothness… They just sound more natural. Excellent tubes!

Kind regards,

Albrecht Heise, Germany

All people who had a chance to listen to Royal Princess 300B tubes fell in love with them and desire to own them!

Tomasz, dealer from Poland

Audiogon Forum  

Although I meant every word I said about the Carbon Princesse’s improvement over the Golden Dragons, curiosity got the better of me and I upgraded to the Royal Princesses. These tubes take me to the music venues in a way that I haven’t experienced. Soundstage, imaging and depth are significantly more realistic than before. Inner detail improved, and not just marginally. The big shocker is the improvement in the base. I believe that this is the best I’ve heard from tubes. All instruments and voices are more natural and present. I don’t have the 300b experience that some have, but I find it very easy to believe Rgurney.

By Phaelon

Audiogon Forum 

I am currently using the new Sophia Royal Princess 300B tubes in my Woo Audio WA5LE. Wow, what a tube. I have compared it to WE, Sophia Mesh, Sophia Carbonplate, Shuguang Treasure, and EML Mesh. It tops all of them. Yes, it is pricey. I think it is the best currently available.

By Rgurney

Dear Sophia Electric: - Thanks for the interesting explanation. Richard Wugang is indeed correct. From the first five minutes of listening, I noticed a very deep bass and extended highs - seemingly a combination of the best of both (mesh plate Princess 300B and carbon plate Princess 300B) kinds of 300B tubes. I imagine it will get even better as it breaks in. Yikes!! What a tube! More later......RG