User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric 45 Mesh Plate Tubes

Received date: September 22, 2011

Dear Ladies an Gentlemen,

I am listening to your 45s for a few weeks now, and they are just marvellous! sounding?right like they look: big, rich and transparent!

Thanks from Germany,

Andreas Sandreuther
(just swapped them for the 2A3s in my Uchida)

Received date: May 31, 2011

Thank you for the extremely courteous and helpful service. One of my old tubes failed Friday morning. My telephone call was handled promptly and informatively and I was back in business Saturday afternoon. A real pleasure.

By the way, the new Princess mesh 45s sound even better than the original Sophia Electric globe 45 mesh plate tubes in my Cary CAD 45SE amps. They seem to play louder, more dynamically and very cleanly.

Thanks again.

Jay from Kentucky

Received date: November 10, 2010

Sophia Electric 45 mesh plate tubes have arrived safely in Switzerland. Thank you all very much for the excellent service and the easy transaction. Yesterday I had time for a listening session and all I can say is absolutely magic, amazing, and fantastic. The best tube sound I have ever heard. It beats my Mastersound Reference 845 with KR-Tubes. I'm so lucky that I have found your page in the web, and yes the feedbacks are all true. I can confirm all the good attributes like tonality, deep and powerful bass, wonderful mid-range and a realistic very holographic soundstage better than my Electrostaic Acoustat III speakers.

Thank you all and I wish you all the best!

My system:

Das Prinzip: 2-Way Standmonitor
Bestückung: 2" Mittelhochtontreiber mit Ferrite-Antrieb
15"-Basstreiber mit Ferrite-Antrieb
Eff: 101 db SPL/1W/1m
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Range: 28 Hz - 20.000 Hz 101 db SPL/1W/m
Anschlüsse: 4 mm Banana
Dimension (H/B/T): 112/46/60 cm
Poids: ca. 65 kg


Received date: May 25, 2005

I listened Sophia Electric 45 triode on my own system ( 97dB 420A + Ribbon supertweeter on a massive maple open baffle ).

I also listened them on a friend big 116dB horn system. ( with a Supravox field coil 15 inch woofer with an hybrid power amp for the bass ).

Both 2A3 and 45 amplifiers have transfo coupling, Black-Gate capacitors and high quality output trans.

We compared them to several 2A3 and 45 tubes.

The Sophia’s is clearly the best. Power increases subjectively, even in comparison with 2A3. Amazing! Better balance, definition, soundstage, dynamics, sweetness (everything, in fact)...something like true.

"organic realness" said Dr. Gabbard. I totally agree!!

Perhaps the best tube I ever heard.

Yannick Mahé

Paris France

Received date: November 28, 2004


I wanted to write with my thanks for providing an excellent tube.

I've run your 45 Globe Mesh Plates in a Fi X 2A3/45 and a Jeff Korneff SE45, and I found them to be a wonderfully balanced, beautifully extended tube. They are extremely quiet and expose subtleties in musical passages that were not evident with other 45s. Their sound staging ability is top notch as well... both deep and wide.

Kudos for your efforts!

Best regards,

Mike Labuda

Received date: January, 2004

Dear Richard and Sue,

As you know, I have been using your 300B 2.5's and 2A3 mesh tubes for quite some time with excellent results. I was not prepared for the amazing sound of the new globe mesh 45's. They are so wonderfully textured in my FI Super X amp. The bass is, if possible, even better than the 2A3's. Voices are scary real. Thanks so much for these latest gems.

Kind Regards,


Received date: November, 2003

Hello Richard,

My compliments on a truly fine sounding pair of tubes. I have 7 or 8 pairs of vintage 45s including 2 pairs of globes.

Your mesh plate tubes sound better than any of the vintage tubes. After around 50 hours to break in, they started sounding even better. The upper registers are more extended and detailed. The mid-range is unbelievable, wonderfully detailed with an organic realness to the music.

Again, my compliments.

Will Gabbard, MD

Received date: October, 2003

Recently I built myself a SE-amplifier, using the "best" components available (C-core 0.05mm laminated for OPT, interstage and supplychokes by AE-Europe and BlackGate NH capacitors in super E-cap for B+ and kathode-circuitry). The powertube was the UX245 by RCA/Cunningham, driver the Philips 4606 (a WE101d equivalent/replacement). The Sophia Electric S.E.T. 45/n features a nice ST-shape with punched plate (no mesh - in my opinion). The 45/n settled at exact the same adjustment and is as quiet as the UX245 which is ac-heated (less then 0.2mV). Power output is around 2.5Watts (!) at 325V B+ and -55V bias (auto-bias), same as the UX245. At first the 45/n lacked some bass but after a couple days bass came in. This tube really sounds very open and detailed with a wide soundstage, in my opinion even better than the original... Where the original has a tendency to sound a little "romantic", the 45/n is more precise and open but with that typical '45-character... and that's what I like about this tube!! I believe this tube is THE substitute for the "good old 45's"!!!


DHTRob, the Netherlands ( )