User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric Princess 274B Mesh Plate Rectifier Tubes

Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate tube in Woo Audio Headphone Amplifier

The Sophia Princess 274B rectifier is truly a piece of art. In comparison to my old tubes, the Sophia Princess tubes presented me the same piece of music in a much more delicate and musical way. The sound is richer and more detailed; the trebles extend much further out and higher up, the music sounds substantially more open, and it feels like the vast soundstage of my HD800 has been completely filled up even to the furthest extent. What makes the tube even better is its price – It is only at 160$, a number that is well worth the improvements it will bring you. I highly recommend anyone who’s considering the Sophia Princess 274B tube to give it a try, and for those who already own it, the 6SN7 driver tubes will be another valuable upgrade to consider.

Oliver, Wisconsin

Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate tube in Musica Bella 'LeAnna EV Plus' tube linestage


I just wanted to provide a little feedback on Sophia Electric Princess 274B Mesh Plate rectifier tube. I recently designed a tube power supply for our Musica Bella 'LeAnna EV Plus' tube linestage. One of the first priorities was to make it compatible with both 5AR4 and 5U4 type tubes specifically so we could use the 274B. For this we went with a choke input design.

Skipping ahead..... After listening to many rectifiers, it was time to throw in Sophia Electric Princess 274B Mesh Plate. All I can say is, not only is it one of the coolest looking rectifiers of the bunch but most certainly the best sounding. For those who do not believe a rectifier tube has any impact on sound, I can only advise they listen to a product that shows the true colors of the power supply and rectifier tube.

Bill Baker
Musica Bella Audio

Sophia Electric Princess 274B rigid plate tubes in Decware Zen Tori III

Dear Sophia Electric,

Too early to put words to it but it's really a transformation and your 274B's are still breaking in. Overall there is a breathtaking sense of realism and very lifelike completely non-fatiguing presentation.

Happy to share the set-up...

Amp: Decware Zen Tori III, all tubes have been upgraded from stock
Speakers: Volent Paragon Vl-2 Signatures (
DAC: Weiss DAC2 via Firewire from MacPro
Cables: Anti-cables (


Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate tube in Inspire stereo amplifier by Dennis Had

I received the Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate tube I ordered and placed it in my "Inspire" amplifier designed by Dennis Had. The sonic improvement was immediate and it continues to get even better as I listened to my favorite music. My thanks to Sophia Electric for a great tube and to Dennis for suggesting I try it. It is bringing me hours of music enjoyment.

Robert from Indiana

Sophia Electric Princess 274B rigid plate and 6SN7 tubes in Cary Audio integrated SLI

Hello from Spain,

I have a Cary Audio integrated SLI 80 signature from 2004. I have used two 6922 JAN NOS USA (excellent and balanced tube) and now I have Amperex NOS Philips E88CC in preamplifier section (another sonic and different texture...liquid and defined mids, more tridimiensional sound stage and extended highs, but less bass…), with two 6sn7 wgta USA and two RCA 5u4gb in rectification sections. Recently I made an order of two Sophia Electric Princess 274B rigid plate and two Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes and the change was....simply wonderfullllllllllll!!! The general stage grows more and more in all directions....the roundness, smoothness, 3d, extended bass in the music texture is really amazing!!! There is not any sign of harshness anyway... Every note sounds like pure silk.

My congratulations by your great work and I cheer you up to continue in that way.

David from Spain

Sophia Electric Princess 274B vs. TJ Full Muisc 274B

Dear Sophia Electric,

I received your Princess 274b tube this morning and I took it out of the box and put it in my 300B single ended amplifier. It was just like having a new AMP. I was sitting in my sofa for one hour listening to Charlie Haden and I was not able to move. The sound was so soft warm and sexy with lots of dynamics headroom bass and Highs with a lot of details. And this evening I have put on Shirley Horn on the program and again so warm soft and sexy with so many details that I have never heard before.

I have been using TJ full music 274b for 5 months now and I thought it was the same TUBE? The Princess looks like the TJ 274b tube but the sound is 10 times better!!!!!

With the Princess 274b tube and two TJ 300b tubes I already have, they sound incredible good.

So now I know what I want for Christmas evening 2 Princess 300B and then it will be like having Christmas all the year long.

Thanks a lot.

Christian Danhoj
Dijon France

Sophia Electric Princess 274B in Emotive preamp

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for recommending the 300B Carbon Plate and Princess Rigid 274B tubes. These tubes make Western Electric 300B’s and my old rectifier tube in my Emotive Audio preamp sound dull and slow.

Your new tubes have brought life and dynamics to my system. They sound natural and full range without any brightness or distortion. They took about 50 to 100 hours to break in but the wait was well worth it. Thanks again.

If you come up with any future improvements to these tubes, be sure to notify me and I will not hesitate to buy them.

Charlie Anderson

Hudson, NH

Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate in Emotive preamplifier

Your Sophia Electric mesh plate 274B is the best rectifier tube I have ever heard including the actual Western Electric 274B. This is quite an accomplishment and you should feel very good about this. I let my Canadian distributor hear it in his Sira and he refused to let me have it back. So, now I have only the one left and it must go to a customer soon. So, I will be ordering more. I will also recommend them to anyone who buys one of our preamps.

Fred Volz

Emotive Audio

Sophia Electric Princess 274B mesh plate in Wavelength preamplifier

The tube made a dramatic difference in my system. The sound stage is more open and much deeper. There seems to be more detail in the music, as if there are more layers to the sound. Transients are much faster and crisper. It is diffidently worth every cent.

My system:

Pre-amp: Wavelenght Sine 2 with Mulard 6900 tubes

Amp: Wavelenght Duetto II

Transport: Krell CD-DSP II

DAC: Perpetual Technologies, with time alignment engine

Speakers: Reference 3a Royal Master Controls

Sub: REL Strata III

Line Conditioner: PS300 with PS Lab power cable

Power Cable: Granite Audio

All gold interconnect and silver speaker cable

Mr. Gabbard, Tennessee