User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ 12AX7 and 12AU7 Tubes

Sophia Electric 12AX7 in SunValley SV-EQ 1616D phono stage

I am using them in my SunValley SV-EQ1616D phono stage. The SunValley has a very vivid and energetic sound and can very easily get into the realm of sounding too bright for my tastes. After reading some reviews on your site, I thought I would give your tubes a spin. I was very pleasantly surprised. They somehow manage to capture the best qualities of some of my favorite European tubes. They have a sweet and musical quality to them, but are still warm and full-bodied. They capture all of the wonderful and nuanced little details and still have such a wonderful and natural weight to them. Sounds stage is also enormous! I am very, very happy with these!

David from California

Sophia Electric™ 12AU7 vs. Primaluna silver 12AU7

Wow! Just received a matched pair of the grade A Sophia 12au7's and they sound detailed with plenty of air around intruments with a slight warm tone and controlled bass. These were replacing the stock Primaluna silver 12au7's. The two front gain tubes in my Primaluna prologue premium integrated amplifier. Soundstage is wider and deeper with a 3 dimensional presentation on female vocals and jazz quartets. Thank you again for your great products and customer service. Sincerely John K.

Sophia 12AX7 compare to Siemens 12AX7

Bass definition is much better on Sophia

Midrange bloom is almost as good as the Siemens

Top End almost as good as the Siemens

Soundstage and tonality are equal on both tubes.

I am hoping as the tube breaks in that it will be as good as the Siemens 12AX7. Right now I have about 15 hours on to the tube. So far it’s a good value compare to the Siemens 12AX7 considering it is about half the price. NOS Siemens are going for $175-$225.00 on eBay.

Ray, New York 

I just wanted to thank you and give you feedback on the really excellent sounding pair of Sophia Electric 12AX7 tubes that you sent out to me. I have read some hearty recommendations on your tubes from other folks who are very satisfied so I wanted to try your tubes myself.

I own and have used both NOS and modern production tubes in my preamp. It is a high gain preamp and tube noise is a factor for me. In addition to the sound I think these might be the lowest noise tubes I have ever used in it. The tone is excellent and the tubes do everything right from high to low. Thank you again. I am very pleased.

Take care,


Audiogon Forum Posted Date: April 13, 2011

I've tried all manner of 12AX7's in my Hovland HP-100 phono including a number of NOS' and the overall best that I have found so far are the Sophia Electric (have not tired the Psvane yet though). Of course get their "A" grade for best results. Of course, YMMV!

By Stickman451

I was very impressed with your 12AU7's I bought from you. I just tried them in an Eastern Electric Mini Max DAC going straight into the Baby Amplifier I also bought from you and too my preamp out of the equation to hear more clearly the tube changes. This particular DAC has (1) 12AU7 in the output stage.

I had used a rare NOS Siemens Silverplate 12AU7 and a Mullard Longplate double crossbar D getter with the K61 etched date code etched in the glass that I have on loan to try out.

The Siemens is very clear, very open, and very natural sounding and very balanced from top to bottom.

The Mullard is rich and warm with a big soundstage, fuller sounding voices and instruments with very vivid overtones with excellent air around each performer, and more powerful bass.

The Sophia Electric 12AU7 took all of the above virtues and combined it into (1) tube maintaining the excellent clarity and naturallness of the Siemens, but also expressing musical overtones, soundstaging, vividness of the performers, and powerful bass and excellent dynamics of the Mullard.

The above opinion was confirmed by a close friend who joined my in my listening test and has built his own tube amplifiers for some time and, whenever possible, also favors the Sophia Electric Tubes.

Well Done!

Dr. Glenn A. Thomas, M.D.