User Feedback on 2A3 Single Ended Output Transformers

Received date: February 20, 2016

Dear Richard,

Please let me congratulate you for selling to me the finest output transformers I have ever heard in a single ended 2 a 3 amplifier. Years ago I built a Gordon Rankin designed 2a3 amplifier which used fine components such as black gate note capacitors..silver wiring..the finest tolerance resistors well as a Magnaquest power transformer, and a Hammond choke. Don Garber of "FI ", drew out the wiring a courtesy to the publisher of a long past Hi Fi magazine,..and the whole assembly was constructed on a thick copper plate like the older Japanese Audionote amplifiers. At that time I used a Magnaquest fs 030 out put transformer. Then, later, I substituted a pure silver wired { and very expensive } Magnaquest output transformer. I enjoyed this amp for many years until I made a copy of this amplifier with your Sophia output transformer. The difference between your " 05 " level output transformer and the very fine Magnaquset is astounding. The clarity is great with both transformers...but the Sophia seems to have a smoothness and life like character that I have never heard before....except on the Audio Note Ongaku , which sells for a stratospheric price. I can only say that ,if a person is looking for pure emotion and joy in reproduced music...the Sophia output transformers are necessary. I would venture to say; if you have a good single ended 2a3 amplifier....JUST CHANGE THE OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS TO SOPHIA ELECTRIC OUTPUTS....It will be as if you have spent many thousands of dollars in upgrades. I have had the experience in manufacturing a high flux density full range loudspeaker called the " Reps R-1 " which was not a commercial success.....but is my opinion..the only full range loudspeaker that actually meets the published specifications, and is revered by concert musicians. Richard, Your Output transformers are the finest I have ever listened to....and are significantly less expensive than the recently popular C-Core....or so called silver wired conventional output transformers which sell for a fortune, and are not even close to your product in musicality.

Best Regards,

Francis M Reps