User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric Magik Box

Hello, Sue,

First of all, may I suggest a wonderful full name for Magik Box: The "Magnetic Interface Kit". The abbreviation is still "Magik", And you can keep the short name "Magik Box" as you already announced it.

Here's my short version for today:

Connecting the Magik between CD Player and Preamp has been a total success in 3 systems that I tried it in:

System (1): Modified Wadia S7i CD player, Supratek Dual Cabernet preamp, Coincident Frankenstein MkII power amp, Avantgarde Duo Classic speakers.

System (2): Arcam CD37 CD Player, Unison Research Simply Italy integrated amp, KEF LS-50 speakers.

System (3): Oppo 105 Universal Player, Primaluna Dialogue preamp and power amp, Custom Scanspeak speakers.

In all cases, the Magik did no harm to the sound, its increase (+6dB) in volume is not necessary because modern digital sources all have high outputs, and it does require an extra pair of RCA interconnects. But that's about all the negative I could say about the Magik. Speaking of sonics, no noise, or distortion, or loss of detail can be detected by adding the Magik.

Now the plus side, the Magik brings a solidity to the sound and makes imaging more precisely focused. The result is a riper, more confident sound with more "meat on the bone". Tonal balanced and texture don't seem to change, but upon inserting the Magik, you do feel some magic immediately. It's hard to explain as the differences are not like changing your CD player to another one, rather, it's like changing your CD player from a lower model to a higher model in the same series (i.e. from Arcam CD17 to 37, or Wadia 381 to S7i). In all three systems the Magik did the same positive trick even though its effect is more subtle with the better CD player. Once you get used to have the Magik in the system, taking it out becomes a devastating event -- you suddenly realize that the sound is still there but the music is gone! Now, that is Magik!