User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Magik Box

Received date: April 22, 2014

Dear Richard,

I had been experiencing many problems with too much gain in my system and then received your e-mail announcing the new Magic Box with its step-up or step-down feature, plus its ability to remove back ground noise. With my experiences over many years, I know that hype is the industry model but the beauty and simplicity of the little unit intrigued and I ordered it on trial to test the waters. I plugged it in not remembering the instructions for gain increase or decrease and waited for some magic. The magic came immediately and got better with further listening. None of the anticipated hype was hype, the unit surpassed your words and has not been out of the system since first use.

The music comes from an integrated Marantz amp with Sonus faber Cremona M Auditor speakers, source is a DSD Lumin Music Server. The magic comes from adding the Magik Box with all gain matching problems solved, my volume control is at 11:30 rather than 8:30. Detail is much increased with less background noise and the musicality is simply amazing. I played an audiophile CD recording of various female singers last night and my wife came from the other end of the house to listen, something that seldom happens as my music is to be tolerated (not encouraged!!) She was amazed with the beauty of the voices, three rooms away. I have had few experiences in this hobby that were more enjoyed and wish to thank you for providing such a creative product.


William Anderson