User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Magik Box

Received date: April 8, 2014

Hi Sue,

I have now had my Magik Box for a couple of weeks. I mostly listen to vinyl but my real interest was to see how this worked with my CD player.

I first tried it between my phono preamp and 126S integrated amp. I was really not expecting much of a change but was I surprised! Seems to just open everything up and creates a much bigger soundstage.

Now for my cd player. I currently have a Cambridge Audio 550C which I consider a budget player. I don't really listen to cds much but would like to since I have hundreds that have accumulated over the years. I listened for awhile without the Magik Box and then with. Now I was really surprised! Same overall improvement as I had with vinyl but it also seems to eliminate the majority of the negatives I have had with CD's. This is exciting for me because I feel like someone just gave me hundreds of new albums to listen to.

Over the weekend I wanted to get another opinion and dragged my oldest son downstairs to listen for a couple of hours. We went through the same routine with both vinyl and the cds with the Magik Box and without. His overall opinion was the Magik Box makes everything sound more "live". I think that's a pretty good overall description.

Many thanks to both you and Richard for creating this gem.

Best regards,