User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Magik Box

Received date: July 29, 2014

Hello Sue and Richard,

Here’s a short statement on the Magik Box for your website. before I write the full review for Congrats on another great piece of gear!

I now have had a chance to audition Sophia Electric’s new device the Magik Box in three reference level systems, two solid state and one tube based, and each time the effects have not been subtle and lead to a beautiful set of sonic improvements that include:

1. In each system the height, depth and width of the soundstage became more realistic with the layering of the players on this stage becoming more precise in location and distance from each other.
2. What I refer to as image density or palpability of each instrument was increased in a wonderful and natural way.
3. Air and space around each player was increased rendering more three-dimensional imaging.
4. A touch of natural warmth and liquidity was added to the solid state based systems, yet the Magik Box did not make the 300B tube based system to rich or euphonic in it’s overall sonic perspective.
5. The lowest frequencies up to the midrange had more “grunt” and weight giving a more solid foundation to the music in an integrated and seamless manner.

So far I have not found one down side or negative aspect of the Magik Box. I don’t pretend to understand how it works, ask Richard about that, I just know this is a wonderful device that improves any system I have tried it in so far towards the illusion of real music!

Full review will appear on in the near future.

Terry London Staff reviewer for