User Experiences On Sophia Electric™ Magik Box

Have been listening to the Magic Box in my rig for a few weeks, I must confirm this:

It is not a subtle upgrade, it is by far the biggest upgrade for many years. It "cleans up" the overall presentation.

First I connected the Magik Box after the DAC and ran directly out to the 2A3 monoblocks skipping the Krell preamp and it was very nice at that stage.

But the best effect I got was connecting the Magik Box after the Krell krs 2 preamp out to the 2A3 monoblocks!

Higher notes were heard with clarity, timbre was better, soundstage wider and better defined!

Thank you!


OMG!!! I was very skeptical that the Magik Box could improve my already excellent stereo system. But I am amazed. The improvement with it is dramatic. It is hard to describe, but for some reason, the Magik Box makes me want to listen to music more than I did before installing it. I feel like I exchanged my entire stereo system for a new, even better stereo system. The sound is cleaner, more comfortable and natural sounding. I also feel like I can hear more details in the instruments and voices, and improved bass response.  I am a very satisfied customer.

Gary, Illinois

I was a more than a bit skeptical about some of the claims concerning this device. After all, how could a device so simple make THAT much of a difference?

I first tried the device in my Bob Latino ST-120. This is a push-pull amp with a Sophia Electric 6SN7 tube as the primary driver. Already a great sounding amp. I placed the Magick Box between the source (a Musical Paradise MP-D1 tube DAC) and the amp. Whoa... this was a noticeable difference. The MB took the already wide image of the ST-120 and made it wider, deeper and with a darker background. In addition, the highs were easier to listen to. This was a pretty great upgrade.

Next I tried it in my vintage Marantz 2240. I placed the MB in between the integrated preamp and power amp using the connectors in the back. This way, all inputs would benefit from it. I started playing songs from my digital library for my tests. This was a complete and utter transformation. I always loved the strong dynamics and tight bass of the Marantz. It just never had the width and openness of a good tube amp. All of that changed. Not only did it sound deeper and wider than ever before, but the midrange became so smooth and liquid. It is enormously enjoyable to listen to. I fell completely in love with how the Marantz now sounded. The digital harshness was completely eliminated. Now, I listen to this amp almost every day.

I don't know how you did it, but this thing is amazing. Thanks again!!!

David, M.

Some time ago I purchased a Prodigy Integrated Amplifier from Sophia Electric. Since turning it on for the first time I have enjoyed the beautiful sound emanating from the amplifier. Periodically I would call Richard, the owner and designer of Sophia Electric products, to talk about forthcoming products that his company was developing. Richard is a quietly spoken person who won’t push any of his electronic on you. In one of our talks he did mention, quietly, about his Magik Box which he said would dramatically make my entire system sound better. I was skeptical since I was really enjoying my musical system since getting the Prodigy amplifier. Richard, however, was so confident about the Magik Box that he offered to send it to me on a loan to try out and if not satisfied to return it without charge. How could I refuse such a generous offer! On receiving the Magik Box and placing it between my phono stage and amplifier I awaited what I presumed would be a modest improvement in the sound quality. I was wrong! From the get go I was stunned by the change that the Magik Box made in my stereo system. Although it has been said before it was like changing seats in a concert hall from deep in the balcony to seventh row center. Pieces of music which I knew quite well were transformed for the better. I simply heard things in the music which I never knew were there before. Each time I put on a well known LP, it was like hearing it for the first time. I listen almost exclusively to classical music but I’m sure that all types of musical genre would benefit as well. If you are looking to upgrade your system I strongly suggest that you give Richard a call to discuss the magic of his Magik Box.

Mark Lewis
New Hampshire

Hi Sue:

When I first got your Magik Box I thought there was no way this thing was going to improve my system and I was sure I would be sending it back after the trial period. After all I had your Magic 126S-03 EL 34 amp and I was satisfied with my system in a way I never had been before. That amp transformed my system and I feel very fortunate to have one. Anyway back to the Magik Box. Over the years I have bought an assortment of tube buffers as well as magic rocks, magic platforms and stands, magic sprays and potions, magic dots and other magic devices that now sit in a box or drawer. We audiophiles are often suckers for these magic items we hope will get us closer to the music and I was sure I would not be tricked by your magic box. I connected the Magik Box and after a few minutes I thought to myself “I’m right. This is not an improvement. Yes. I get to send it back and save myself some money.” I was proud of myself for not being fooled by another “Magic“ device. Then when we spoke you said it needs to run in for about 100 hours. I reluctantly hooked it up again and ran it in for another 48 hours straight in my video system then hooked it up to my audio system. With only about 60 hours, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I was also mad! I was shocked because my system was sounding even more alive and natural than before. The noise floor had dropped, the soundstage was bigger in a very organic and real way and everything just sounded more real. I was mad because I now had to have the Magik Box in my system. Just to make sure I was not being tricked or fooled, I have taken it out several times and each time I put it back in I am floored with the difference. I wish I could say it doesn’t work and save myself some money but I can’t. The bottom line is that voices and instruments just sound more real and in a way that makes you feel closer to the performance. The Magik Box seems to break through the digital world and lets you hear the sound of live music being played in your home. Thank you for another wonderful audio device. This Magik Box is for real!

Jim, Washington, D.C.

Hi Sue and Richard,

I want to say thank you for my recent purchase of your Baby amp, Princess 1 speakers and Magik Box. When I connected the Magik Box to my Bryston/B&W 802d setup I knew I had hit a home run! I listen to mostly Live Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band recordings and the Magik Box adds a beautiful quality to the best recordings. I can only describe it as more "Live" sounding. The Baby amp and Princess 1 speakers have been a joy to listen to as well. Sincerely,

John, Michigan

Hi Sue,

Just signed for and installed the Magik Box. It arrived in excellent condition. First impression is it shows its magic "straight out of the box". It tames that slight hardness from CD and solid state amplification. It gives a 3D image to the sound stage somehow enabling the ear to interpret low level sounds as part of an integrated , coherent sound picture which contributes to enhanced emotional satisfaction. I note your advice on burn in and will give you a report in a few weeks time.

Again many thanks for enabling me to acquire such a unique product which is exactly what I was looking for.


Brian from UK 

Hello Sue and Richard,

Here’s a short statement on the Magik Box for your website. before I write the full review for Congrats on another great piece of gear!

I now have had a chance to audition Sophia Electric’s new device the Magik Box in three reference level systems, two solid state and one tube based, and each time the effects have not been subtle and lead to a beautiful set of sonic improvements that include:

1. In each system the height, depth and width of the soundstage became more realistic with the layering of the players on this stage becoming more precise in location and distance from each other.
2. What I refer to as image density or palpability of each instrument was increased in a wonderful and natural way.
3. Air and space around each player was increased rendering more three-dimensional imaging.
4. A touch of natural warmth and liquidity was added to the solid state based systems, yet the Magik Box did not make the 300B tube based system to rich or euphonic in it’s overall sonic perspective.
5. The lowest frequencies up to the midrange had more “grunt” and weight giving a more solid foundation to the music in an integrated and seamless manner.

So far I have not found one down side or negative aspect of the Magik Box. I don’t pretend to understand how it works, ask Richard about that, I just know this is a wonderful device that improves any system I have tried it in so far towards the illusion of real music!

Full review will appear on in the near future.

Terry London Staff reviewer for

Dear Richard,

I had been experiencing many problems with too much gain in my system and then received your e-mail announcing the new Magic Box with its step-up or step-down feature, plus its ability to remove back ground noise. With my experiences over many years, I know that hype is the industry model but the beauty and simplicity of the little unit intrigued and I ordered it on trial to test the waters. I plugged it in not remembering the instructions for gain increase or decrease and waited for some magic. The magic came immediately and got better with further listening. None of the anticipated hype was hype, the unit surpassed your words and has not been out of the system since first use.

The music comes from an integrated Marantz amp with Sonus faber Cremona M Auditor speakers, source is a DSD Lumin Music Server. The magic comes from adding the Magik Box with all gain matching problems solved, my volume control is at 11:30 rather than 8:30. Detail is much increased with less background noise and the musicality is simply amazing. I played an audiophile CD recording of various female singers last night and my wife came from the other end of the house to listen, something that seldom happens as my music is to be tolerated (not encouraged!!) She was amazed with the beauty of the voices, three rooms away. I have had few experiences in this hobby that were more enjoyed and wish to thank you for providing such a creative product.


William Anderson

Hello, Sue,

First of all, may I suggest a wonderful full name for Magik Box: The "Magnetic Interface Kit". The abbreviation is still "Magik", And you can keep the short name "Magik Box" as you already announced it.

Here's my short version for today:

Connecting the Magik between CD Player and Preamp has been a total success in 3 systems that I tried it in:

System (1): Modified Wadia S7i CD player, Supratek Dual Cabernet preamp, Coincident Frankenstein MkII power amp, Avantgarde Duo Classic speakers.

System (2): Arcam CD37 CD Player, Unison Research Simply Italy integrated amp, KEF LS-50 speakers.

System (3): Oppo 105 Universal Player, Primaluna Dialogue preamp and power amp, Custom Scanspeak speakers.

In all cases, the Magik did no harm to the sound, its increase (+6dB) in volume is not necessary because modern digital sources all have high outputs, and it does require an extra pair of RCA interconnects. But that's about all the negative I could say about the Magik. Speaking of sonics, no noise, or distortion, or loss of detail can be detected by adding the Magik.

Now the plus side, the Magik brings a solidity to the sound and makes imaging more precisely focused. The result is a riper, more confident sound with more "meat on the bone". Tonal balanced and texture don't seem to change, but upon inserting the Magik, you do feel some magic immediately. It's hard to explain as the differences are not like changing your CD player to another one, rather, it's like changing your CD player from a lower model to a higher model in the same series (i.e. from Arcam CD17 to 37, or Wadia 381 to S7i). In all three systems the Magik did the same positive trick even though its effect is more subtle with the better CD player. Once you get used to have the Magik in the system, taking it out becomes a devastating event -- you suddenly realize that the sound is still there but the music is gone! Now, that is Magik!


Magik Box First Impressions:

Last night I connected the Magik Box between my CD player and 91-05 dual mono stereo integrated amplifier.

When I turned the music on I honestly could not believe my ears. The sound was shockingly musical. I played several CDs from different genres and on each CD I heard a pleasant sonic surprise. This is truly a magical component.

Ozan Selcuk

Hi Sue,

I have now had my Magik Box for a couple of weeks. I mostly listen to vinyl but my real interest was to see how this worked with my CD player.

I first tried it between my phono preamp and 126S integrated amp. I was really not expecting much of a change but was I surprised! Seems to just open everything up and creates a much bigger soundstage.

Now for my cd player. I currently have a Cambridge Audio 550C which I consider a budget player. I don't really listen to cds much but would like to since I have hundreds that have accumulated over the years. I listened for awhile without the Magik Box and then with. Now I was really surprised! Same overall improvement as I had with vinyl but it also seems to eliminate the majority of the negatives I have had with CD's. This is exciting for me because I feel like someone just gave me hundreds of new albums to listen to.

Over the weekend I wanted to get another opinion and dragged my oldest son downstairs to listen for a couple of hours. We went through the same routine with both vinyl and the cds with the Magik Box and without. His overall opinion was the Magik Box makes everything sound more "live". I think that's a pretty good overall description.

Many thanks to both you and Richard for creating this gem.

Best regards,