User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Magik Box

Received date: February 3, 2015

Hi Sue:

When I first got your Magik Box I thought there was no way this thing was going to improve my system and I was sure I would be sending it back after the trial period. After all I had your Magic 126S-03 EL 34 amp and I was satisfied with my system in a way I never had been before. That amp transformed my system and I feel very fortunate to have one. Anyway back to the Magik Box. Over the years I have bought an assortment of tube buffers as well as magic rocks, magic platforms and stands, magic sprays and potions, magic dots and other magic devices that now sit in a box or drawer. We audiophiles are often suckers for these magic items we hope will get us closer to the music and I was sure I would not be tricked by your magic box. I connected the Magik Box and after a few minutes I thought to myself “I’m right. This is not an improvement. Yes. I get to send it back and save myself some money.” I was proud of myself for not being fooled by another “Magic“ device. Then when we spoke you said it needs to run in for about 100 hours. I reluctantly hooked it up again and ran it in for another 48 hours straight in my video system then hooked it up to my audio system. With only about 60 hours, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I was also mad! I was shocked because my system was sounding even more alive and natural than before. The noise floor had dropped, the soundstage was bigger in a very organic and real way and everything just sounded more real. I was mad because I now had to have the Magik Box in my system. Just to make sure I was not being tricked or fooled, I have taken it out several times and each time I put it back in I am floored with the difference. I wish I could say it doesn’t work and save myself some money but I can’t. The bottom line is that voices and instruments just sound more real and in a way that makes you feel closer to the performance. The Magik Box seems to break through the digital world and lets you hear the sound of live music being played in your home. Thank you for another wonderful audio device. This Magik Box is for real!