User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ EL34 tubes

Received date: March 9, 2019

Hello Sophia Electric,

I wanted you to know your EL34 tubes ARE the best sounding in my Aric Audio Transcend push-pull stereo amplifier. I have used GL KT77 and 88, NOS Amperex and Mullards. These sound very good but your EL34's just turn it up a notch. Everything from top to bottom is wonderful. I have gone months going back and forth with all my EL34's and Sophia Electric is without a doubt music to my ears. They are not coming out again. Keep up the great work.



Received date: September 5, 2018

Hi Richard, Thank you for getting me the tubes so quickly...So many areas of Audio are subjective and or controversial, especially Tubes and Cables.... and we can end up with buyers remorse or just look at a purchase and if we have to really give thought if it was worth it, than it probably wasn’t .... I was not expecting a dramatic difference.... but that’s exactly what I got. I am stunned at the massive jump in Quality of the Sonics and this was right out of box... and I’ve only put the EL34 tubes in the amp so far ... not the 6SL7....the Purchase of the Sophia Electric Tubes is a difference maker.... The only way I’ll consider another brand of tube going forward is if Sophia Electric does not make the model I’m looking for:) .. Cheers, Brett Klein. Hbg, Pa

Received date: August 16, 2018

Hi Richard , it's John from Wa state just received the el34 ST quad yesterday and have about 10 hrs on them. Just like you said Night and Day difference. Compared to the stock Chinese el34. Huge soundstage with extended airy highs. Sounstage depth and height but not foward in your face. All instruments are detailed with a smooth airy presentation. Female vocals are eerily alive in the room with you just jawdropping! I have never heard an EL 34 of any sound like these ST bottles. Thank you for your creativity in designing such a wonderful tube. Sincerely John.

Received date: March 28, 2018

The Sophia Electric blue glass EL-34-ST tubes are a revelation in my Unison S6 integrated amp – better (60-70%) sounding in all parameters than the Tung Sol EL-34B’s that came with the amp.

C.B., Washington, D.C.

Received date: March 4, 2018

Good Day All,

4 month now using my el34.

Love my Sophia Electric el34, match it with a 1978 spendor, for years, I was listening the piano, now I listen the pianist! Very live sound. I match this amp with a croft vitale for preamp (turntable need) and the result were amazing! A definitive best buy. It replaced my Naim amp without any regret. Keep up the good Work.



Received date: January 26, 2018

This is a brief review of the Sophia EL34 tube. First I would like to thank Richard and Sue for being kind, helpful and professional. I have Cary Audio Six pack mono tube amps. The amps originally came with Ruby EL34 tubes. Over many years I have used Electro Harmonix, Svetlana, Mullard reissues and Tung-sol reissues. My system is very revealing. I have spent many years tweaking and dialing it in. The system has very good power, a dedicated power line, power conditioner, grounding cables, power cables, interconnects, speaker cables and audio grade fuses. The system also has an excellent rack, isolation platforms and isolation devices. There is also extensive room treatments. Many of the previously mentioned tubes have a tipped up tone which can be apparent on some recordings. The Sophia tubes have the most natural and seductive tone of any tubes I have tried. The bass mid range and treble are all excellent. There is a wide and very deep holographic sound stage with impressive weight. The Sophia EL34 tubes are truly above and beyond any tube I have ever used. This review was after 120 hours of break in. My highest recommendation.

J.A.H. Maryland

Received date: January 12, 2015

I just wanted to follow up on the Sophia Electric EL34 tubes I got for the Sophia Electric 126S amp. I am not quite at 100 hours – maybe 70 or so- but I have to say they are unlike any other EL34 tubes I have used. The bottom line is the music is just there. There is a naturalness and musicality that I would normally attribute to a change in amplifiers or speakers but not tubes. I feel like I am just hearing the music as it was recorded without any additional artifacts or colorations. Your el34 tubes in your 126-03 amp are deeply satisfying. I have been chasing after the “absolute sound” for over 30 years. Your amp and tubes have stopped me in my tracks. I am a very happy music lover. Thanks you so much for these wonderfully musical products.


Jim, DC

Received date: September 28, 2014

I ordered a couple of the new EL34s a couple of weeks ago and put them in my Cary 211 mono blocs. They are much better than the stock Russian (no surprise there) and even better than the NOS tubes I have experimented with over the years. It's very much an upgrade. The sound now is less dark and has more air.


Stephen Greer

Received date: September 2, 2014

I recently purchased your el34 tubes. I have found them to be more open transparent and better detail and bass than my winged S.E.Ds or my Mullards and Psvane tubes. Sophia el34 tubes are not even broke in yet. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Ron, Kansas

Received date: September 1, 2014

Dear Sophia Electric,

I bought one quad of your new EL34 tubes expressed to my door. Here is my first listening impression: Sophia Electric new EL34 tubes are much better than my vintage Telefunken EL34 which sounds too dull, weak. I also have the new Russian made “Mullard” that is too bright/aggressive. Pvsane EL34 tubes are bright, direct, lack of musicality. Sophia’s sound just right.

John, Indiana