User Review/Feedback for the Audiophile CDs

All CDs are here...I listen to the cello and it is absolutely a wonderful recording!

I have this weekend off so I'll be able to listen to the others.

Thank you for paying attention to getting them to me so quickly and have a great day!

Dan, NC
The audiophile cd you sent me sounds great.

Please send me the following CDs when you get a chance:

Ray, New York
CDs arrived yesterday (from United States to Europe) - what a pace!

I already listened to all 3 and here are my impressions:

CD001(Cello on Chopin and other masters): a really great cello recording, definitely one of the best I ever heard, very natural and not irritating (yes, in general I do not like cellos) - the first cello recording I listened from first track till the last one.

CD003(Violin on Hollywood movie melody): I liked it even more than CD001, in my opinion it sounds richer, sweeter and with better 3D imaging.

CD006(Accordion on Italian and Spanish songbook): and here I was honestly blown away! WOW, what a sound! what richness, what depth of the image, how wide and precisely the instruments are located... respect! this is really a great recording with which I will come back frequently.

In case you issue something similar to CD006 (in terms of sound quality and preferably western style of music - i am not a big fan of the original Chinese music), let me know.

Kind regards,

Julian from Europe
I bought all of the 16 CDs. They are fantastic!

If you get more CDs in the future, let me know and I want to buy!!

Ying, Texas