User Feedback for S.E.T.™ Music EL-34 Amplifier By Mr. Jeff Ciccotello


I want to thank you for inviting me to audition the Sophia Electric EL34 amp. My quest for a 2-channel tube amp that could produce stunning mid through high frequencies ended that day (after many demos).

I am driving with ease Cambridge Sound works Newton Series M80 bookshelf speakers (86 db sensitivity) to complete auditory satisfaction over and above my solid-state amp (Marantz SR82 mkII). With my ears as the judge, I have listened to classical, progressive rock, classic rock, folk and instrumental new age; all these genres of music filled the soundstage with clarity, warmth and ambience.

The one track that stood out for me on Annie Haslam\'s "It Snows In Heaven Too" Cd is Ave\' Maria; a totally audible sensation!

For those of you in the market for an audiophile amp at a budget audiophile price, consider auditioning this amp. I believe, price to performance, this amp will sell itself. So, dim the lights, bask in the musicality this amp offers, and enjoy the GLOW!


Jeff Ciccotello

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