S.E.T. Music Baby Amplifier Bi-wire, Bi-amp setup for B&W 805 Speakers


My name is David. I believe I spoke with Richard today about using two Baby Amps in bi-amp bi-wire set up and as mono blocks. I am happy to say that I have tried. The results were very, very impressive.

I am surprised how much better the system sounds. For my test, I first wired one amp to drive the bass/mid and the other amp drive the tweeter of the B&W N805 (not S). My system at this point consisted of Jolida 100A CD Player, M1000 interconnects, Silver Audio II power cables, RGPC, and I switched between IXOS Gamma Geometry Silver and my own hand braded CAT5 for speaker wire.

I know the 805 speakers are far from sensitive; however there\xe2\x80\x99s something between the Baby Amp and the 805 that works like wonder. The speakers just sounded right when I was using a single Baby, but when I connected the second Baby to the bi-amp set up, I was in for a great thrill never thought could be. The mid range became sweeter and hugged me like a blanket. The soundstage grew way past my listening room (11x12x10ft). I was closer to the artists and further from the electronics. I experienced a new joy in listening to my music again at another league,

When I connected the amps in left/right configuration I noticed a difference in a positive direction from my initial setup (one Baby) however, I think I was already spoiled by the previous experiment and I went right back to the setup above to spend the rest of the day re-listening to my favorites.

If you have any more suggestions to improve on already great sounding (to my taste) system, please let me know.

Sincerely and with many thanks,



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