User Feedback for Sophia Electric 845 Amplifier By Mr. Clarke, Canada

Hi Richard: Here are my experiences with the Sophia Electric 845 mono-blocks and some history.

As you know, I purchased the amps from Robin Wyatt in Feb 2005. They came configured with Sophia 274B rectifiers...2 solid plate, for the 845 tubes and 2 mesh plate Princess for the Princess 206 tubes. The 3A5 tubes were RCA and there were 2 pairs of 845 tubes. One Shuguang and one Chinese of unknown source. I have since changed to Sylvania JAN 3A5 tubes. 845 B and M tubes have been tried but I have returned to the A's.

I had previously been using a 300B amp. The Sophia's were much more truthful. They had a richness of timbre that the 300B amp was just missing. You could at last tell what the instruments were made of. It was the Sophia's that started my love of acoustic instruments as I realized that I could at last reproduce acoustic instruments really accurately. I formed the idea that if I could firstly reproduce a simple acoustic instrument, and then more complex ones, that all the other stuff that many Audiophiles talk about endlessly...punch, slam, bass, mids, highs, image would take care of itself. I now have a system that can reproduce a full grand piano REALISTICALLY. The 845 mono-blocks continue to be my connection with the instruments I am reproducing. They are by far the best amplifiers I have ever owned (and there have been many over the years) and I intend to keep them.

Recently a 20K front-end upgrade only strengthened by belief in these amplifiers.

Regards Geoff Clarke

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