User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Aqua 274B Rectifier Tubes

Sophia Electric Aqua 274B rectifier tube

with Audio Note Kit1 300B amplifier

Received date: June 14, 2016

Hi Sue,

I just wanted you to know that I received the tubes yesterday in perfect condition. At first I tried the (Aqua) 274B with my Shuguang 300bs still in place. I could immediately hear the difference right away, better extension in the highs, more dynamic, the bass is deeper with more slam. Needless to say I am quite impressed, I listened to one cd that I\'m quite familiar with.

Then I inserted the Royal Princesses....I found the differences here more subtle so far, but I really love the overall presentation so far. The immediate impact was not as much as I noted with the 274B, but I realize that the 300bs will take some time and some hours before they really start to shine. Having said that though, so far, they are superior to the Shuguang black bottles. I\'m happy I made the choice.

I\'ll give you another report after a few hundred hours.


Stuart, Canada