Sophia Electric Princess 300B Mesh Plate Vacuum Tube Specification

Nominal operating conditions and parameters:

Filament voltage *5.0V
Nominal filament current 1.2A
Plate voltage 300V
Grid voltage (AC filament) **61V
Grid voltage (DC filament) ***58V
Plate current 60mA
Plate current 62.5 mA
Grid to plate transconductance 5700 ohms
Amplification factor 3.85
Grid current 0.05 uA
Plate resistance 700 ohms
Sophia Electric Princess 300B mesh tube plate curves

Limiting Operation conditions for safe operation-nor simultaneous ratings:

Maximum plate voltage 450 volts
Maximum plate dissipation 40 watts
Maximum plate current of average tube for fixed grid bias 70 ma
Maximum plate current for manually adjusted grid or self-biasing circuit 100 ma
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