Sophia Electric Clear Glass Classic 300B Tubes with Vintage WE 300B Soul Inside and Out

Sophia Electric Clear Glass Classic 300B Tubes  with Vintage WE 300B Soul Inside and Out
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Brief History of Western Electric 300B Tubes

The Western Electric 300b was introduced in the 1930s and is known for its legendary and magical mid-range but there were 2 big drawbacks - a lack of high-frequency extension and weak bass response. These were not considered limitations originally because the WE 300B tubes and amplifiers were made for cinema voice reproduction. There was no need for anything above 10KHz nor a need for deep notes. However, the lack of resolution and bass weight is a problem in today\'s amplifiers and for today's music lover and audiophile. Over the years, Sophia Electric has addressed these sonic limitations of the WE 300B.

Brief History of Sophia Electric 300B Tubes

In 2001, Sophia Electric introduced the Princess mesh plate 300B tube, a design that has a great natural voice with superior high-frequency bandwidth and full body sound. It was an instant success. Mesh plate 300B tube has gone through multiple upgrades and the latest version is still one of the best-selling 300b tubes.

In 2005, Sophia Electric introduced the Princess Carbon Plate 300B tube to deliver a sonic character similar to the Allen Bradley resistor. The Allen Bradley resistor is known for magical mid-range and full body bass extension. It has proved to be a cure for thin sounding amplifiers and a natural choice for push-pull 300B amplifiers.

In 2011, Sophia Electric introduced the Royal Princess 300b that combined the best virtues from mesh plate Princess 300B (natural sound, high-frequency extension and big sound stage) with the best virtues from Carbon Plate Princess 300B (magical mid-range and best bass extension ever). Royal Princess 300B has proved to be the best of the best in 300B technology for the most desirable sound you would ever imagine. It is expensive, but it has proved to be the biggest 300B tube success story to date. The success of our Royal Princess 300B is due to the use of rare earth materials and the cost of these exotic materials has increased several folds since the tube was introduced. It has forced Sophia Electric to look back to the WE design of the 1950s.

Sophia Electric Blue Glass Classic 300B Tubes

After years of experimenting, auditioning and comparisons, Sophia Electric is proud to introduce the Classic 300B tubes. The Classic 300B tube is a new and improved version of the highly regarded WE 300B. While keeping the well-beloved soul and mid-range magic of the vintage WE 300B, the Sophia Electric blue glass Classic 300B tube has more extended frequency in both high end and bass. In its blue glass design, the Classic 300B tube has the high end extension and powerful bass response of a live performance -- 20% more bass extension and 15% more high frequency extension than the vintage WE 300B tube while it still maintains the great traditional direct heated triode mid-range magic.

Considering the vintage 1950s WE 300B is selling in $5000 range for a pair. This new Sophia Electric Classic 300B with blue glass is truly a bargain with superior sound. You can call us at 703-992-8546 or email us at

Price :
Option 1: $999.99 per Grade A matched pair with one year warranty.
Option 2: $899.99 per Grade A matched pair with 30 days warranty.
Option 3: $799.99 per Grade B matched pair with one year warranty.
Option 4: $699.99 per Grade B matched pair with 30 days warranty.

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