Sophia Electric 45 Single Ended Output Transformers

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 300B SE Output Transformers: Sophia Electric vs. Audio Note

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Received date: August 17, 2013

Dear Sophia Electric,

The standard 45 single ended output transformers that you made is ridiculously good and I love them. so much better than James opts.

zachary, IL

Primary 5K, Secondary 0-4-8 ohm. 16 ohm is $100 extra.

45-01 OPT: clear, rich sound similar to more expensive 45-03/05, but built in a smaller core and smaller gauge of wires. $350 per pair

45-03 OPT: The luxury of wide dynamic range, high resolution without being bright, very natural sound, truly 3-dimensional sound stage, much larger iron core and high end lab OFC copper wire, real vintage flavor from vintage core material. Money well spent for level 03, $599.99 per pair

45-05 OPT: the flagship model, truly exotic materials (WE core, solo crystal OFC wire) for out of this world performance. It is designed for those who always wanted the top of line model and willing to pay for the bill. Customer-made on order. $899.99 per pair.

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