Holiday Special: Sophia Electric Magic 126S-05 Dual-Mono Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Holiday Special: Sophia Electric Magic 126S-05 Dual-Mono Stereo Integrated Amplifier
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$2,500 off. Please email us to get the coupon code.

Combine the best of vintage WE sonic flavor with plenty of power to drive two big 15 inch TAD/JBL woofers or most floor standing speakers in the market through output transformer design and circuit design and voicing.


126S-05: $12,500 with US voltage, $800 extra for non-US voltage.

User Reviews: Review: "The Audio Research Vi60 uses KT-120 power tubes and has a much leaner and tonally drier sound than either the Magic 126S-03 or the Leben CS600. The Leben CS600 comes closer to the sonic signature of the Magic 126S-03, having beautiful, natural, and rich tonality. It is also based on EL34 power tubes but lacks the soundstaging and overall macro-dynamic abilities of the Sophia Electric amplifier." ––– Terry London

Enjoy the Review: "So if you were to ask me today, what makes CD's sound closer to vinyl and vinyl closer to live music, my answer would be the Sophia Electric Magic 126S-03 Dual Mono Stereo Integrated Amplifier...Spaciousness is a word that comes to mind when thinking of the 126S as it allowed my Spendor loudspeakers to sound at their best in this regard. It was quite simple for me to become immersed in the music and forget about life's day to day strife. I often found myself coming home to unwind with the 126S as a way to put any minor troubles behind me and this after all is the point of an audio system. That being said, the Sophia Electric Magic 126S-03 Dual Mono Stereo Integrated Amplifier gets a high recommendation from me." ––– A. Anthony Nicosia

Buyer Experience:

I tried new speaker cables in the meantime and now I really have the Magic 126 sounding absolutely fantastic. I start to understand why it’s called magic. It gives me a sense of ecstasy like I never experienced before with music playback. I’ll keep this amp and will get a new set of tubes soon from you. If I go 300B it will be as an additional amp, not replacing this one. 

Thanks for making such a magic amplifier!

 Best wishes


126S Amplifier Design Objective:

Sophia Electric126S tube amplifier was designed for those who desire for 300B level of sound yet output 3x more power than a typical 300B amplifier to drive main stream speakers and for those big horn speakers with 15 inch woofers.

Sonic characters and design features:

1. This Sophia Electric 126S amplifier has lush smooth sound, yet vivid, detail at the same time like 300B amplifier due to its use of user friendly cathode self-bias design, quite different from today’s push-pull amplifiers that use fixed bias.

2. S stands for self-bias design. The use of cathode self-bias is a big plus for ultra user friendly. User can swap any brands of output tubes without the need of re-biasing.

3. Sophia Electric was the first company in modern time to use pentode input driver tube in Push-Pull amplifier since WE 124 of the vintage time. A pair of specially designed output transformers + the use of pentode tube does give Sophia Electric 126S a sonic characters like WE 124, yet output 25W X 2 of power and with easy to use characters like WE142.

4. Integrated dual-mono stereo design. Can be used with CD player with or without a pre-amplifier for different sonic performance.

5. The artistic taste in looks and sonic beauty combined with real world output power as well as an attractive price of USD$6,500 for USA model, $7,000 for European/Asian/Japan models should make it an easy choice for the buyers.

6. For those desire for the best Sophia Electric can do, 126S-05 is $12,500 with upgrade transformers and upgrade circuit. 126S-05 limited edition is designed to drive TAD/JBL horns speakers with one or two 15 inch woofers per speaker.


Amplifier Design: Self-biased El34 push pull circuit with pentode tube as input/driver (similar sound to WE 124 and WE 142)
Power Output: 25W per channel x 2 with input sensitivity of 0.375V RMS
Inputs: Five sets of RCA inputs.
Output Tubes: 6CA7/KT77/EL34 family tubes x 4 units
Frequency: 12Hz - 35 KHz at -+3dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: -90dB
Hum: 1.5mv with AC tube filament
Net Weight: 50 pounds
Dimensions: 8" H x 18" W x 12" D
AC Power: USA/European/Asian/Japan model
Power Transformer Rating: 250W
Power Consumption: 100W in normal listening
Required break in time: 50-100 hours on tubes, 200 hours on output transformers
Warranty: One year parts and labor, one year for Sophia Electric brand tubes, 6 month for non-Sophia Electric tubes.

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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