User Listening Impression on Sophia Electric EL34 Tubes

I guess the first thing I should do is to describe my system: Yaqin MC-10T integrated amp with Mazda NOS E82CC, Tonex NOS E83CC, Bluesound Node 2, Schiit Bifrost 2 multibit DAC, Seas Loki II Speakers, and Blue Jeans speaker cable & interconnects

I played a little tube rolling and settled upon the above preamp tubes.

I went from the stock Shuguang EL34s to the Psvane T series III 6CA7. They were in for about 3 weeks and 1 tube exploded without any damage to the amp.  I then decided on the Sophia's EL34 tubes and I will never look back.

The sound of Sophia Electric EL34 tubes is amazing, very musical but completely 3D.  I am hearing things in the music that I never heard before, and they keep getting better and better.  I can't leave the chair.  Right now I am listening to Dianna Krall and I am in musical bliss.  I am rediscovering my whole collection.

Thanks for a great product.

Bill, Florida

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