User Listening Impression on Royal Princess II 300B Tubes

The Royal Princess II 300Bs are very impressive! I am enjoying the naturalness the music has through these tubes as well as a natural and refined sense of detail. Compared to the Carbon 300s they sound more relaxed and less colored.


The bottom line is I very much like the Royal Princess II 300B tubes and would like to buy them. I listened to the Linai 300Bs and was very impressed with them and probably would be happy with them if I did not hear the Royal Princess II 300Bs. When I switched out the Linai 300Bs to listen to the Royal Princess II 300Bs I heard more ambiance and decay to instruments. The Linai made music and instruments sound a bit too clean... a bit antiseptic compared to the Royal Princess II. The Royal Princess II tubes made instruments sound more natural and slightly fuller. More harmonically correct and relaxed.  The improvement when listening to piano and solo instrument recordings made the difference and made the Royal Princess II 300Bs the definite winner.

James, Delaware

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