User Experience with Sophia Electric Princess 206 mesh plate tubes

Dear Sophia Team,

First of all please allow me to congratulate you for designing such a wonderful tube, such as Sophia Electric 206! All of your tube productions are truly remarkable. I’m a proud owner of Sophia Electric Princess 2A3 mesh plate and 300B mesh plate tubes. I am absolutely delighted with these tubes, however, the recommendation from a good friend of mine intrigued me to add Sophia Electric 206 mesh plate tubes to my must-buy-list. Thankfully my custom-built parallel single-ended Tektron signature mono amplifiers are capable to drive most triodes family tubes from 45 to VT 50.

Placing an order is the easy part but waiting for delivery from US to Turkey is the tough side due to the worldwide dilemma caused by covid19. Shockingly my parcel arrived within a week after my order from the USA. After 206 tubes were installed and bias was set, within a few minutes Sophia Electric 206 tubes started to display their unique characters. I know that for sure burning-in-process could be painful to some people. Within a few days, I have put almost 40 hours and compared these 206 tubes to 845 tubes, Sophia 206 tubes do not run as hot as 845 tubes and yet they have the dynamism of 845 tubes. I could not believe what I heard while listening to my favorite musician Tord Gustavsen, pin point accuracy of his piano as if ‘’Piano was in my listening room, image, stage much larger than my most favorite VT 50 & 45 tubes. Clarity, depth, width, and space between musicians timbre, double bass so realistic almost so near to live performance. My setup is Tannoy Canterbury Gr, Lumin network player, Esoteric CD player custom-built Tektron signature monoblock amplifiers built by Attilio Caccamo. Sophia 206 tubes brought excitement to my life. I cannot honestly switch off my amplifiers. 845 and 211 tubes are very good indeed but Sophia 206 tubes are much more dynamic and detailed. They are truly remarkable! I hope and I wish many more music lovers will discover these amazing Sophia 206 tubes. Thank you very much for producing such a unique and musical tube. Turgay KINDAM from Turkey

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  • I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with my recent acquisition of your 274B rectifier tube.
    I installed it in my new 300B amp, replacing the stock, vintage GE 5U4 that was supplied.
    WOW!!! Everything was better immediately: Bass, highs, mids, soundstage. ALL of it! It was hard to turn my system off at the end of the night.
    I now have my sights set on the EL34-ST that I will use in another amp and the 6SL7.
    Thank you for providing an outstanding product, quick ship and excellent customer service.
    You have a company I can certainly do business with. Best Regards, Harry from Canton,Mi…

    Harry Rajt

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