User Experience: Sophia Electric Signature 91-01 300B Single Ended Mono-Block Amplifier

Hi Richard,

I've been meaning to email you about your Signature 91-01 300B monoblocks. Let me say, I am very very impressed with these amps. They look as beautiful as they sound. I absolutely love their vault like construction and aesthetic. The picture on your website does not do them justice. You should post some studio quality pictures, they deserve it. I smile every time I look at them. The sound is just what I was looking for, that glorious 300B richness while still having the modern bandwidth. You pushed the envelope of what 300B SET's are capable of, bass that is taught and deep and highs and mids that cannot be matched by any other topology that I know of. There isn't a genre of music that doesn't sound good through these. Totally enjoying them. They are so revealing of upstream quality, I'm now upgrading cabling.

Well done, Sir!

Thank you,


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