User Experience: Sophia Electric Prodigy Amplifier

Dear Richard, 

This being my first experience with a 6V6 amp, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Prodigy. Upon first sight, I was very impressed with the overall solid construction and quality design of your amplifier. And then once I had a listen, I was hooked. Coupled with my 2-way Altec 99dB SPL speakers, the sound produced was simply sublime. I was immediately taken in by the Prodigy’s open and very detailed sound stage filled with solid bass, lush mids and very accurate highs. Let me be clear: over the past years, I have owned various vintage high quality tube amplifiers, but now I must say, the Prodigy is easily the best sounding piece of audio gear I have ever owned. I am really looking forward to rediscovering my entire music collection. 

Dale, West VIrginia

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