User Experience on Sophia Electric KT88 Tubes

Dear Sue, ...and every one of Sophia Electric, Inc.

I received the Sophia Electric KT88-ST Quad Matched via UPS in Tokyo 5 days after placing the order. Thank you for the perfect packaging!

It's been about two hours since I started listening, and I feel that the tone has become somewhat RICH. Let's be a little more specific. My listening environment is close range, about 7 feet away from B&W's inexpensive Tallboy speakers, and I get the feeling that the sound remains three-dimensional while preserving a beautiful image of the sound before it reaches my ears from the speakers. I feel somewhere between the amp and the speakers, the sound spreads gracefully and unleashes into the room without losing its grace. I hope you can get an idea from such a clumsy explanation.

So far, the KT88 gave me the impression of a relatively dry-sounding tube. Some vintage vacuum tubes add power and pleasant distortion (overtones) to the sound, but using the Sophia Electric KT88-ST makes me want to listen to classical music that I rarely listen to. (btw, I usually listen to rhythm & blues, soul, jazz, and rock.)

Listening to classical music is an unusual activity for me, it feels like sitting in a music hall and enjoying the whole atmosphere. It makes me want to move my head finely to catch the rhythm and snap my fingers with an ensemble of instruments, then finally give the performers a round of applause.

Yes, it's exactly "I am listening more to music than the sound." (I've been loving portable audio for a long time, and I've discussed this issue many times with friends over coffee).

Thank you very much for your great products. May your products continue to be loved by music lovers all over the world!

Sincerely Yours,

K. Kawaguchi from Japan

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