User Experience on Sophia Electric EL34 tubes

Dear Sue, hello from Greece. I bought four el34 from you a while ago. For some reason, I could not put music on for a long time, and just the day before yesterday I replaced the Svetlana el34 with Sophia  el34. So I would like to inform you that the difference is huge in favor of Sophia in all areas. Larger bodies, incredible purity, but above all musicality to a large extent. It easily reminds 300b with all the good things of el34.  Not 2a3 but 300b for me I had a final push-pull with eight 300b and I know very well how it is. So I would like to thank you very much I am very happy and excited. All this with a few hours of operation, I imagine what will happen after a hundred hours the lamps will play. Be well thank you very much. 

I told the truth, in fact the hearing took place in the presence of the representative of kondo in Greece who has been my friend for many years

Best regards

Dimitrios from Greece

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