User Experience on Sophia Electric Blue Glass 6SN7

"OMG! WOW! Sophia Electric Blue 6SN7'S !!! Totally, heavenly, amazing tubes!

"I have been using RCA Orange Letter, Black Plate 1967 6SN7GTB's in my Ming Da MC 300 PRE, coupled with a PARASOUND A23 Amp and Sliverline Prelude Plus Speakers and an Oppo UDP-205 Audiophile player with Dual Flagship Sabre DAC'S.

"I have rolled Sylvania, GE, Raytheon, Marconi, Westinghouse & the supreme RCA Black Plate, Orange Letter 6SN7GTB's.... I thought the RCA's were simply unsurpassed by any tube available!

"Well let me say, the RCA's are sitting in their boxes again! Now on to the Sophia Electric 6SN7's: The sound stage, dynamic range, depth, rich, detailed, musical, full-bodied Sophia 6SN7's blow the RCA's all to pieces!

"These Sophia's render spot on, tight, clear, smooth, resounding bass,. Truly phenomenal mid-range that shine with any vocalist like none I have ever heard before. The highs, well they sparkle, twinkle and float about the room like angels!

"I just received these today, and have been playing them for only four hours! After burn-in, I will have to purchase racing harness seat belts to listen to them! Fingers leaving the strings, breathe, blackness and real life seated in front of you musicality and realism is unsurpassed in my experience!

"When I put in the Sophia Aqua Blue 274 Rectifier Tube, I did not think it could get any better, such a magic tube as well!

"One smiling, happy, elated audiophile dude hear!

"You have hit a home run selling and promoting these tubes! Worth every single red cent and then some!" -- J.L.

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