User Experience on Sophia blue glass 6SN7 in Modwright OPPO BDP-105 CD Player

Sophia Electric, 

I received the order and have used the tubes. 

I was replacing a set of Sophia clear glass 6SN7 tubes which I felt one was loosing its value and was 2db quieter that the other. 

I elected on getting the 10% matched pair (Grade A) of the new style Blue tubes. 

After careful warming of the tubes I started using them in a Modwright modified OPPO BDP-105 CD player. I was not expecting much difference in what I had before. I was so very wrong. I am absolutely gobsmacked at the difference.

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Everything was different. 

All of the tones, harmonics, decays from the music was now there to hear. Everything from top to bottom was given more life air and rightness. I tried all types of music from acoustic guitar, folk, new-age, live rock to classical. All of the music was vastly improved, everything more of a whole. And some of these are just run of the mill Redbook CDs. This is just stunning to me that these tubes have taken this somewhat modest setup and made it world class maybe even reference class. Amazing.

You have really created something special here. I am so glad I tried these tubes and can now stop trying to convince myself to purchase a $10,000.00+ CD player. I now feel I have it for the cost of a tube upgrade.

Michael from Washington

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