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Dear Richard,

I want to personally thank you for everything you have done to make this project come to a wonderful conclusion. We went through long, uncertain times that were incredibly difficult and disruptive. You had no obligation to work with me as the third owner of the instruments (Sophia Electric 845 amplifiers). You even offered to loan me an amp to use while we waited for completion. You held to the original estimate you gave me even though the project required much more work and time than you anticipated with the multiple drilling of the holes and the remaking of the transformers to make them fit. I am so glad that the transformers were built in house instead of acquired from an outside source. I think you are a very honest, sincere individual and you have shown a great deal of character and sincerity. As a designer of world class, state of the art audio equipment, your work can stand beside the best in the industry. 

Warmest regards 


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