Sophia Electric KT88 Tubes in Aric Audio Amplifier

Hello Sophia Electric

I have an update of my review from March 2019 on the EL34's. The EL34's are a beautiful sounding tube. The best sounding EL34 I have tried. I now have had the pleasure to listen to your KT88's in my Aric Audio amplifier. Fantastic is all I can say. The KT88's bring the level of music up quite a bit. The highs,mids and lows are better. Don't get me wrong your EL34's are sweet but the 88's bring more to the table. I have tried EAT, Gold Lions, Shuguang, Psvane, EH and Northern Electric. The Sophia's to me and my ears just do it all just right. After 50 hrs. they continue to sound better and better. Thanks again.


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