Sophia Electric EL34 tubes for Prima Luna Premium Dialogue HP Amplifier

From: Audiogon forum user cavy

12-15-2019 9:59pm

I have the Prima Luna Premium Dialogue HP Amp. I was using the KT120 tubes for the last 2 years and although these are very nice tubes with airy highs and tight bass with plenty of slam, I found the midrange muddy and fatiguing. I switched back to the original EL 34 and found the magic again. I recently decided to try the Sophia Electric EL 34's based on all the good things I heard about them. They have about 15 hours on them (100 hours is the break in time) and they sound fantastic. Wider and deeper sound stage, more transparency, voices come alive in front of you and plenty of bass and slam. Extremely happy with them.

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