User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Princess 300B Mesh Plate Tubes

Sophia Electric Mesh Princess 300B

Received date: September 22, 2016


I’ve owned many tube amplifiers over the past 10 years with tubes ranging from KT88s and EL34s but this is my first experience owning a SET utilizing 805 Output tube and 300b driver tubes. After a few weeks of reading message boards, online reviews and talking to Richard personally, I decided to hear for myself how good the Sophia Princess Mesh Plates were in comparison to my stock Shuguang 300b tubes.

My initial impression of these tubes were very impressive, they produced lower floor noise, deeper/wider soundstage, better image separation, better image focus, larger images with more flesh and bones and the Tonality of this tube is breathtaking; it’s like real musicians occupying the space between your loudspeakers. These tubes are Chameleons, my speakers have totally disappeared with no hints of sound coming from the location of the speakers…

All of these attributes were noticed on day one but I finally noticed the change I was looking for last night at the 55 hour mark; ambiance and hall effects which gives the feeling of being in the acoustic space. I cannot even imagine how good these Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 300B tubes will sound after complete burn-in of 100 hours since they have already exceeded my expectation half way through the burn-in process.

It was a pleasure working with Richard and Sue who provided Outstanding Customer Support before and after the sale! It is without question that they have passion for the tubes that we Audiophiles have grown to love…

P.S. CD001, Solo Cello is “Magnificent”!