User Reviews/Feedback for Sophia Electric™ Classic 300B tubes

Sophia Electric Classic 300B tubes

Received date: June 9, 2016

My review after 100 hours:

Voices, voices, voices! The new Sophia Electric Classic 300B tubes are fantastic for vocals. Comparing to my previous favorite pair, the “Genalex Gold-Lion PX300b”, it’s like lifting off a filter and invite the artist to my living room. When I close my eyes to listen, I feel that the Sophia Electric's sounds incredibly natural and kind of spooky. I never heard anything like this before.

It is very important to give the tubes more than 100 hours break-in time. Right out of the box the voices did sound a bit hard, so be patient, it will sound better in a few hours. The soundstage is very detailed and everything is natural and warm. The Genalex are also very good tubes, I prefer Genalex for some instrumental classical music. As of today, Sophia Electric new Classic 300B tubes are my number one pair of 300b tubes (I have 4 pairs of different brand 300B tubes to compare with). Thanks for giving me the feeling of closer contact to the soul of the artists that I love.

Music used for test “Classic 300b” vs. “PX300b”:

1. Palladians - The Devil's Trill - Flac 24/88 (Linn Records)
2. Paul Simon - Graceland (25th Anniversary Edition) - Flac 24/96 (Legacy Acoutic Sounds)
3. Eric Bibb - Blues, Ballads & Work Songs - Flac 24/88 (Opus 3)
4. Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline - 2x45rpm Vinyl (Mofi)

My equipment:

Amp: Audion Silvernight 300b MK2/b with Genalex E88CC driver tubes
Speakers: Ino Audio piPs
Turntable: Rega P25 with Ortofon 2M Black
Riaa: Rega Aria
Dac: Rega DAC-R

Peter Skoglund,